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Oizuru Corporation(Mizuho City)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2016-3-18
Updated on 2017-4-10
Osamu Oizuru, Representative President,
Oizuru Corp.
Oizuru Corporation(Mizuho City)
A huge number of various packages are coming and going even today on logistics networks extended across the nation and overseas. In particular, electronic precision devices, medical products, home appliances, office automation equipment and foods are fragile and require careful handling, thus crucially necessitating custom packaging to protect them from damages during transportation. Oizuru Corp. is a highly praised company in the packaging industry for its proprietary technologies. We interviewed President Osamu Oizuru about its efforts and latest products.

”Wonder Eco,” an epoch-making buffer material, triggering business expansions

Wonder Eco used in ice cream packages
Oizuru was founded in current Mizuho City, Nishitamagun (West Tama District) in 1958. Originally it was processing rubber products, thereafter expanding its businesses to become the current package solution company by adding Logistics and Processing Division and others.
“One of the topics in our history is we were appointed as the certified manufacturer and distributior of Wonder Eco developed and produced by Tokiwa Printing Co., Ltd. in 2002.”
Wonder Eco is paper foam made of mainly recycled paper foamed by water vapor and attracted attentions as a buffer foam product replacing polystyrene foam. It contains no toxic chemical substance and thus can be burned as inflammable paper wastes without generating dioxin from its bonding material polypropylene.
“Wonder Eco also has superior features in cold storage and moisture retention. It is used in packages for ice cream, meats and fruits, being popular for its benefits in sending gifts.”

Covering all the processes throughout designing, developing, volume production and shipments

Proposing most suitable packages by designing buffer materials for packages for each product
Oizuru is offering optimal solutions for not only buffer materials but all processes throughout designing, developing, volume production and shipments suitable to natures of packaged products, and this versatility has won the reputation of ‘a total package solution company.’
“We have package engineering specialists who pursue high-quality packaging materials using 3D CAD (software displaying objects with dots, lines and faces, used for designing industrial products and constructions) which simulate shocks and falls of products.”

Efforts in the lime light to switch to plant-derived materials

Globe friendly new buffer foam Elco Co-Foam launched for test marketing in February 2016.
Oizuru’s latest topic is manufacturing of “Elco Co-Foam”, our newly developed buffer material, approved by Tokyo City’s “FY2014 Special Support Programs for Capex by Growing Industries, etc.”
“In the package industry, the big and lingering issues from environment aspects have been the usage rate of petroleum-derived plastics at as high as more than 90% and tremendous plastic wastes caused by used packages of this kind. Therefore, behind our development of Elco Co-Foam was our desire to gradually switching from petro-derived to plant-oriented and recyclable resources. We thereafter succeeded in kneading these two materials, which had been difficult because of their natures, by using special machines and realized enough strength to protect packaged goods at the same time. We started test marketing it in February 2016.”
Transporting precision parts for autos and air planes and medical devices, all of which support Japan’s economy, now owes important social responsibilities including reduced environmental load. Given this, Oizuru’s efforts to switch toward plant-oriented materials would have big impacts.
Final question was about attractions and advantages of being located in Tokyo.
“Manufacturers usually purchase packages and buffer foam for their products from local suppliers closest to their factories in order to procure quickly and reduce costs. In this sense, Tokyo should be an ideal place because there are many excellent and many kinds of makers. As for Mizuho City, Nishitamagun, in particular, we can command close views of very beautiful mountains and I feel this as a work environment next to mother nature and well balanced.”
Oizuru Corporation
1188, Hakonegasaki, Mizuho-machi, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo