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Shisei datum Ltd. (Machida City)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2016-3-15
Updated on 2017-4-10
Yukiyoshi Saito, Representative Director of Shisei datum Ltd.
Shisei datum Ltd. (Machida City)
Early detection and prevention of diseases caused by aging is a big issue for Japan which has entered into an aging society. Shisei datum Ltd., challenging this issue, is a venture having developed an electronic manometer which can handily detect arterial scleroses, or causes of cardiac infarcts and other diseases. We interviewed President Yukiyoshi Saito who as an engineer leads R&Ds and is striving for diffusing its technologies.

An idea “manometers can measure vascular sclerosis” in his young days

President Saito joined a leading consumer appliance company with a vision to become an engineer because he had been interested in electrics and radio waves in his high-school days. He was first involved in designing CRT-based TVs. Thereafter, he joined a foreign manufacturer and worked on development of electronic manometers for 2 years when he discovered an origin of current business. What he discovered was “blood pressures should in principle contain information about stiffness of blood vessels.”
“Blood pressures are measured with a belt, called a cuff, wound around an upper arm by increasing and decreasing its pressure. The volume of blood varies in line with changes in pressure of the cuff and heartbeats. Wave profiles measured as such are pulse waves. Analysis of the pulse waves reveals stiffness of blood vessels.”
Meanwhile, the manufacturer went bankrupt and he started a venture with his friends. This is Shisei datum founded in 1988.
Shisei datum works on development of electronic manometers as a designer of electronic equipment. In 1995, it successfully developed a “blood flow dynamics measuring-type manometer,” which measures stiffness of blood vessels through pulse waves of blood pressure. Materializing his idea that manometers can measure vascular sclerosis after all came into blossom.

Patient researches bore fruit as medical-use electronic manometer “PASESA”

R&D activities further continued. It started researches on precisely measuring stiffness of upper arm artery vessels through pulse waves, co-working with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). After the researches for 2 years, it developed new indices for blood vessels: API (Arterial Pressure volume Index) and AVI (Arterial Velocity pulse Index).
AVI is an index reflecting stiffness and conditions of central arterials while API is one reflecting those of upper arm arterials. There is an average figure for each age and anything beyond it alerts some diseases and/or recommends improved living.
In 2008, the company started researches to analyze AVI theories using supercomputer K with RIKEN, Japan's largest comprehensive research institution. Upon an approval of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry as an improved medical device in 2011, it launched a medical-use electronics manometer PASESA in the following year 2012.
The significant feature of PASESA is it can handily measure blood indices and pressures at the same time while examinees are seated just like with conventional manometers. Measuring time is about 2 minutes.
“We are currently marketing PASESA aiming to penetrate in hospitals. The device, however, is for prevention purposes while hospitals are positioned to care patients with actual diseases, the difference making our marketing time-consuming. But doctors who understand the needs are gradually increasing and overseas firms interested in the device have emerged thanks to mass media picking it for a topic.”

Medical-use electronics manometer PASESA PASESA:Prevent ArterioScleros and Enjoy Successful Aging
Look of actual examination

Based in “Machida Techno-park,” a group of R&D-oriented companies

Machida Techno-park
Shisei datum is located in Machida Techno-park, Machida City. It is an industrial park built in 2001 joined by 22 venture firms in the City and its vicinity on the help of public subsidy schemes. The park’s website says it is “a group of R&D-oriented companies” joining from various industries in line with the Industry Cluster Project aiming to bring new creations. Its concept exactly meets with Shisei datum’s company stance.
“We decided to locate here with loans from the National and Tokyo Metropolitan Governments. The advantage is many industries are solidly tied on the ground one another, co-developing by sharing their technology expertise and offering information out of our specialties anytime. For our marketing of PASESA, we have gained cooperation from park peers such as introducing hospital doctors to us.
President Saito, based in Machida Techno-park, keeps working on various activities for diffusing PASESA.
Shisei datum Ltd. (Machida City)
2-2-5, Oyamagaoka, Machida-shi, Tokyo