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Top Voices of Companies NPO Core-Net (Shinagawa City)

NPO Core-Net (Shinagawa City)

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Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
NPO Core-Net (Shinagawa City)

The NPO is organized by retirees of mainly Tokyo based companies. Among more than 100 members are many ex-directors of companies, mainly manufacturers, listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Run for no profits, it helps small to medium- sized enterprises, or SMEs, based mainly in Shinagawa City with its talent line-ups comparable to those at leading consulting firms.

We interviewed Kensaku Miyazaki, Executive Secretary General, and Katsuhiko Murayama, Director and Corporate Support Group Leader, about current activities and backgrounds of the NPO’s foundation.

Three fields of activity

Core-Net activities started from desires of retired officers of listed companies to bring up young firms using their know-how and knowledge cultivated through rich experience in various industries.
Activities are chiefly threefold: supports for school and career education, aids for ventures and SMEs and evaluation of municipal works
Having centered on SME supports, our fields of activities widened in various ways over time. Currently, carrier education supports at schools are increasing. Here, we would like to disseminate out of our experience the fun of manufacturing and the meaning of works.

Activities at local city Shinagawa

We send appropriate lecturers upon requests from Tokyo City and advice management for SMEs by co-working with our local city Shinagawa. Typical activities include management consulting sessions held periodically at a business library in Osaki. Many people come to us for advice as there are a lot of SMEs accumulated in the City and we are working on various themes including expansion of sales channels and start-up supports.

Since the advice fee for companies is free, please visit us without any hesitations.

Advice for companies intending to come into Tokyo

In such an information society at present, it is becoming more difficult to find a way by just coming to Tokyo. It should be important to identify who are customers and what should be offered to them. In order to clarify this, such capabilities should be required as picking up something only beneficial out of a plenty of information, with a keen sense of smell. Then take actions right away as quick delivery is becoming more and more important, especially in manufacturing.
We are all retirees from companies. With deep experience in a wide variety of businesses, we can fully support companies coming to Tokyo. We are here waiting for you to visit and consult with us even on matters you may think as trivial.
NPO Core-Net
Address of Headquarters Secretariat: Token Shimazuyama Minami Heights 1206, 1-25-19, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Phone: +81-3- 5475-3412