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Top Voices of Companies Institute of Creative Industries and Culture (ICIC) (Chiyoda City)

Institute of Creative Industries and Culture (ICIC) (Chiyoda City)

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Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Institute of Creative Industries and Culture (ICIC) (Chiyoda City)

Institute of Creative Industries and Culture (ICIC) produces the "Akihabara Advanced Knowledge Field" and run the "UDX Open College" at the Akihabara UDX building. The Ccompany with its office in the building runs its business as a think tank and consultant, expanding clients not only across Japan but overseas. We interviewed Director Keichi Hirotsune.

Guiding needs behind "challenges" to businesses

As the name indicates, our business is to create new industries and cultures. We have think tank functions covering researches and recommendations, consulting businesses offering advice and guidance and producing operations. New markets or lifestyle is always hiding behind potential challenges of companies, regions and the society. What we are doing is to create attractive businesses by organizing and visualizing these challenges or needs in unconventional ways. There is a variety of instrument for realizing this, including seminars, workshops, hosting working groups, business matching and collaboration among different industries, human resource development, promoting new life style and operating/ managing relevant facilities.

People gathering, information accumulating, intelligence massing

The conventional formation style of industry cluster was to invite component factories to industrial parks built around big factories. In contrast, Akihabara is a spot where people and intelligence gather by themselves, looking for home appliances, computers, robots, sub-cultures and pop cultures. There is an incubation facility fostering these cultures. Our "UDX Open College" hosts seminars and working shops on various themes, and some of them are open to anyone interested in their themes. There are many kinds of intelligence helping business seeds to be found. As an open innovation, leading to a success as a business by organically matching certain needs and seeds is our business model. We have businesses outside Tokyo and overseas but the place where clues concentrate is nonetheless Tokyo. This is the best suitable place to locate at for our business.

Pooling scattered intelligence in the "Open College"

Our "Akihabara Advanced Knowledge Field" is trying to mingle information appliances, entertainments and home networks. We have produced the "TOKYO FOOD THEATER," a food court combining IT and specialty dishes, the "Akiba 3D Theater & 3D Studio" which pursues new potentials of visual images, and the "Advanced Academy". We are also working on such trials as sending instantly digitalized data of suggested menus cookable with leftovers in the fridge and making recipes by digitally analyzing grandmother’s dishes. A 3D theater, thought to be a distant future technology when we started, is now a reality thanks to a big hit of the movie "AVATAR" and has become more accessible as 3D TVs are already on sale.

Atmosphere accepting leading-edge factors

When white goods had penetrated into all the households with big electronics shops prospering in Japan’s high growth periods, then computers came into our life. When hardware matured, then software developments/sales flourished and popped up popular characters out of software. These characters then brought up cultures such as figures and maid cafes. Akihabara has been a town reacting to its metabolism by always incorporating leading-edge factors. This means there are possibilities various businesses are still coming into the town. We frequently host start-up seminars and workshops in the town and for NPOs and a seminar titled "Lucrative Akihabara" at the UDX Open College. The purpose is to attract start-ups and/or bring them up. Let’s make the town prosper more by joining these events freely and developing your network.
Institute of Creative Industries and Culture (ICIC)
Address: Akihabara UDX4F, 4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo