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Prede Co., Ltd. (Fussa City)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-4-11
Prede Co., Ltd. (Fussa City)

Prede Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures, imports and markets special meteorological equipment and high-precision solar battery IV testers. Its original products are used in weather stations around the world including the North Pole and the South Pole. We interviewed President Kazutoshi Sasamoto who has a motto of "responding to client needs with undefeated ideas."

Installed more than 150 units at research institutes around the world

Our main product is meteorological equipment named "Skyradiometer (radiance meter)." It measures rays and spectro-strengths around the sun, and identifies density and/or distribution of dust in the atmosphere by using special algorithms. Demand is particularly strong from the Asia region where economies are rapidly growing and air pollution is worsening due to such dust as soot caused by burned fossil fuels. We received orders for 13 units from India’s Weather Bureau in 2010. They were installed at nation’s each region and form an air pollution observation network.
Skyradiometers have also been shipped to the US, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. In Japan, the equipment is used at the Meteorological Research Institute under the Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the National Institute for Environmental Studies and universities across the country. So far more than 150 units in total have been installed at research institutions globally, and observation data from these Skyradiometers are shared by local researchers via a network called "Skynet."

High durability requires little manpower for operations and maintenance

Features of a Skyradiometer include its ability to collect a wide range of data over a long period of time from the ground. In the previous method, radiometer-equipped aircrafts directly collected atmosphere at aimed positions. Emergence of Skyradiometers not only removes such inconvenience but requires little manpower as it automatically follows the sun. It is also maintenance-free for 5 years as it is packed with such ideas that it prevents rainfalls onto sensors or filters by automatically altering its angle and that it cleans itself with fresh air in order to prevent spider webs, dusts or the likes. Because of this excellent durability, the equipment has been used at Japan’s Showa Station in Antarctica and the National Institute of Polar Research since late 1990s.

Forty years in this business thanks to undefeatable ideas

I used to work as an engineer at a weather observation equipment maker. I decided to start my own business on my father’s death and founded this company in 1987. The Skyradiometer was born as a result of joint researches and developments with a researcher acquainted at the maker who gave me an advice for this easier-to-use equipment. Besides, we have developed a number of meteorological devices and physicochemical meters upon requests such as “can you make this?” from many researchers. As such, we have expertise in realizing products by combining existing technology elements, which I believe has enabled us to survive in this business for nearly 40 years.

Tama district offers rich development environments

Our place of birth was a prefabricated hut built at the corner of my family home in Akiruno, Tokyo. After gradual expansions there, we built an engineering laboratory which in fact was our head office at today’s Fussa. In neighboring Nishitachikawa is the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute with sophisticated equipment, allowing us to handily carry out analysis and evaluation and measuring. Also, there are many metal processing, machinery or plastic processing companies gathering in the vicinity and dozens of them are actually cooperating with us. Tama is such a convenient location. We truly feel benefits of being in Tokyo, the center of Japan, as our employees are often dispatched for equipment maintenance and others across Hokkaido to the Southwest Islands and overseas
Prede Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-26-8, Kamidaira, Fussa-shi, Tokyo Sasamoto Building