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Top Voices of Companies Tanaka Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Kita City)

Tanaka Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Kita City)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Tanaka Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Kita City)

The Company exclusively deals with surgical tools called "small steel surgical tools including forceps” among medical devices. It has performed well since its foundation by concentrating on small-lot/wide line-up production and responding to fine needs from doctors. We interviewed Satoshi Oba, Administration Department of Administration Division, regarding the background of sound performances.

Keep doing what others don’t

We handcraft products one by one, responding to each client’s needs, unlike leading manufacturers which incline to volume production. There are similar companies offering handmade medical devices but most of them are run by one or two family members. The aging of craft-workers and/or succession of skills/technologies to the next generation are increasingly becoming as crucial issues, in particular for such family-run businesses.
Thus we keep crafting our products, thinking always “for doctors”, “for patients” and “for better treatments”.
We believe this stance would explain why we have been appreciated by customers since our foundation in the Taisho Era (1912-1926).

Sincerely practicing face-to-face communications

We were told a predecessor chose Tabata as an office location because he happened to have land here. We decided to move in 2008 and looked for a place with a priority again in this familiar area.
It is important for us to stay close to hospitals, our major customers, to keep accesses to fresh information from doctors. Face-to-face communications are essential as we occasionally deal in confidential information of ongoing researches and developments.
We manufacture and market medical material implant, which was in fact triggered by doctors’ advice. In order to faithfully listen to customers’ voices, advantages of staying close are significant. Our location has also no small benefits in a sense there are many medical equipment wholesalers gathering in the vicinity.

Everything is “for better treatments.”

Money is not everything. This is what we always keep in mind. Behind doctors’ voice are a lot of patients. This fact makes us sincerely listen to doctors’ voice and handcraft our products one by one. Our products are certainly not inexpensive compared to imports. However, we insist on “qualities”, which is the very reason why we have been appreciated since the Taisho Era.
We are determined to sustain our approach.
- After the interview -
The company is the one sustaining growth even in this recession. The reporter got aware of solid beliefs and something like unyielding confidence from the talk with Oba of the Administration Department.
The company sustains “unshakable stance” of thinking “for customers” and “for treatments,” and pursuits face-to-face communications by staying close to customers. The reporter understood this stance has been sustained in its tradition of more than 90 years along with company’s sophisticated technologies.
Tanaka Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-14-18, Tabatashinmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo