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Tokyo Shinyu Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku City)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Tokyo Shinyu Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku City)

Tokyo Shinyu Co., Ltd. sells products including Shilwatch, a watch giving notice of incoming guests or faxes through vibration and text messages. Its products, originally developed for convenience to life of hearing-impaired people, are now attracting hot attention from businesses and consumers. We interviewed President Mr. Masaru Saito who himself has hearing difficulties and hence continues to create hit products through sensing niche demands quickly.

Wristwatch receivers giving notice of visitors with vibration and texts.

Hearing-impaired people tend to worry about what others never think of. Having difficulties in hearing myself, I had been considering after my retirement if I could make products which help similarly impaired people enjoy their life more safely and freely. In the past, for example, lighting of a lamp was a signal for visitors at families of the hearing impaired. However, it is inconvenient because they need to stay where the lamp is in sight. So, I launched the wristwatch receiver Shilwatch in 1997. This notifies through vibration visitors or faxes are incoming and at the same time displays texts such as “visitor at entrance”. We also have the Cube Light, a portable optical receiver signaling in 4 ways—LED, vibration, sound and texts. Our products can emit strong radio waves under the permission of Government, functioning satisfactorily with receivers 170-200 meter apart from transmitters. Although rival companies have similar products, they use weak radio waves and hence receivable ranges are narrower.

Products for the disabled gaining popularity among businesses and the general public

We have been introduced by various TV programs as a company developing new products contributing to make QOL (Quality of Life) of the disabled people better. This led to unexpected results: we received a lot of inquiries from a wide variety of companies.
Currently, cashiers at leading supermarkets and workers at automakers are also among users of this watch. This is because the watch can receive messages such as "no 100 yen coins in cash register X" or "dispatch parts to machine Y. " The merit is it enables effective communications without known by shoppers at supermarkets or shouts in noisy factories.
Our Wake V, a watch with powerful vibration alarm developed for the hearing impairment, has also gained popularity among the general public saying it is useful for preventing missing one’s station or when taking a nap.
We otherwise have built a system where a transmitter-embedded fire alarm sends alerts to watches upon a breakout of a fire, on a request from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. We have a lot more products under development.

Publishing information out of Tokyo

In FY11, our Shilwatch Kit for Evacuation Shelters won an official approval under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Trial Order Certificate System. This watch is used when notifications such as “deliver blankets to group A and meals to group B” are needed upon a breakout of a disaster. Some of the deaf people do not understand sign language or are not used to writing messages. Therefore, the kit usable even under blackouts in disasters should be appreciated.

We are currently selling products through Hokkaido to Okinawa, and we now consider expanding overseas to the United States and Europe. In this context, we feel Tokyo is an excellent place to be for disseminating information.
Tokyo Shinyu Co., Ltd.
Address: Shinjuku KM building 6F, 1-14-5, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo