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Top Voices of Companies TACHIBANA OPTICAL LENS COMPANY., LTD (Setagaya City)


Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-16

TACHIBANA OPTICAL LENS COMPANY., LTD is a small but rare company in Japan with best lens processing technologies. It is located in Setagaya City or Setagaya-ku, processing specialty glass used for measuring, testing and medical equipment. We interviewed managing director Yasuo Tachibana (photo).

Realizing your “wants” through designing, manufacturing and processing specialty glass

The Company was founded in Setagaya City in 1961. Starting with designing, manufacturing and processing microscope lens and prism surface polishing, it expanded into cylindrical lens used for laser printers or computer graphics and medical equipment lens in 1970 and also video camera lens and others in 1975. Currently, we prototyping, developing, manufacturing and marketing products ranging from general optical glass products to prototypes for major manufacturers as well as custom-made glass for university researches and others. Lens is lens but desired products by customers vary widely in size and material and also in configuration such as shapes – complex or with holes or trenches – or high precision. We are supplying such a wide variety of lenses with our processing technologies cultivated in our history of over 50 years.

We are “agile” responding to urgent requests or process additions

We, as a company specialized in lens processing since inception, are capable of satisfying such requests as very short delivery time, specially-shaped lenses and additional processing for products of other firms. As we can handle sizes from 1mm to over 600mm, we have processed large-sized lenses incapable for rivals. Our greatest strength is highly skilled engineers can properly meet with every demand. Recent example was we satisfied a request from a major manufacturer of processing lenses for a next generation display prototype. Our lenses contribute to developments of such most advanced equipment also.

Convenience of locating in Tokyo

We have been located at the current place in Setagaya City all the time since inception. We are in fact appreciated by major customers including manufacturers for our staying in Setagaya as those capable of special glass processing like ourselves becoming fewer year by year in Tokyo. The biggest advantage of being in Tokyo is after all its logistical convenience including transportation. Being in Tokyo enables us to meet customers even during short delivery time and customers to directly visit us for requesting deliveries or urgent works. Also an advantage is we can conveniently join exhibitions held in Tokyo which attract more attentions than elsewhere, helping us disseminate information publicizing our special lens processing technologies. In 2013, we advertised our products as well as contributed to educational activities of “Setagaya Monozukuri (manufacturing)” at the "Tokyo International Industry Exhibition" held at Tokyo Big Sight by setting up a booth jointly with the Setagaya Industrial, Commercial & Workers' Service Corporation. Currently, beyond lens processing, we produce art-like commemorative products and the likes made of quartz glass plates with sculpted photos on them (photo). Looking forward, we also want to focus on new areas for further potentials, taking advantage of years of glass processing technologies.
Address: 2-8-15, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone:+ 81-3-3427-8741
FAX: +81-3-3427-8849