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Top Voices of Companies TAK PRINTING Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

TAK PRINTING Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3

TAK PRINTING Co., Ltd. in Sumida City, or Sumida-ku, is a printing company specialized in self-adhesive seals and labels for precision equipment and the likes, running a plant of about 30 tubo (approximately 3.3 square meters/tubo)at just a few minutes' walk from the TOKYO SKYTREE. Under strict quality controls, it boasts industry’s best technologies, as was ranked at the top in a global label contest, with its production systems satisfying low-volume high-mix demands. We interviewed president Tomoyuki Takada who leads the urban-type factory.

Our seal won the first prize in a global label contest

It was founded in 1964 when the predecessor having worked at a printing company started his own business, focusing on seal printing technologies. Printing processes for filmed seals require special technologies unlike for easily printable papers which absorb inks. The company has been growing, taking advantage of its expertise, as there have been only a few rivals with such technologies. Currently, among various seal printing, it focuses on manufacturing special seals and labels adhesive to machineries. Its technologies have been highly praised and won many awards at the annual Label Competition held by FINAT, a global organization promoting the self-adhesive labelling industry.

Strict quality controls and eco consciousness

What clients always seek for is high quality. We are placing great emphasis on quality management and qualified for such certifications as ISO9001, UL and CSA Standards. We naturally control qualities much more strictly than ISO as over time we have worked with clients very stringent to qualities. We nonetheless obtained the ISO qualification because it is perhaps easier for clients to understand, rather than explaining details on quality controls of our own.
In the past decade or so, there have been more clients conscious of committing to environmental efforts. We are working on reducing wastes for landfill or incineration by converting our factory’s seal and label wastes to recycle plastic fuel (RPF). We started these efforts ahead of others and have been promoting RPFs with our peers. We also comply with the RoHS Directive such as through using adhesive sheets and inks free of specified toxic substances.

Sumida’s "Fresh Dream Factory" campaign promoting good-standing factories

We have another factory of about 35 tubo in Mukojima in addition to one (about 30 tubo) located near our head office in Narihira in the City. We appreciate Sumida offers strong supports to manufacturing industries. It provides such measures to promote good-standing factories as setting up cross-industry meetings and certificating companies conscious of working environments as "Fresh Dream Factories." Although we are a small company with only about 20 employees, we have pride in our work as the certificate of dream factory encourages our motivation.
Another advantage of Sumida City is its enabling quick access to up-to-date information. As it is the place where same businesses and related industries tend to gather, we can obtain vital information about new technologies, materials and examples of business approaches in various meetings. Our businesses run smoothly as we can easily find agile partners in such areas as sheet/paper manufacturing, plating, printing and punching dies.

Must offer quality printing by incorporating peers’ "expertise"

We recognize more printing firms, just for cost reduction, locate only marketing offices in Tokyo and factories in other areas. This is understandable as there are in fact a lot of businesses in Tokyo. However, we must not neglect quality works as taking orders by offering only “lower prices” would hurt one another. We are hoping to build positive relationships such as cooperating with peers specialized in their own expertise works.
Vicinities of our factories are gaining popularities thanks to the TOKYO SKYTREE. Even if we are eventually urged to move, our choice would still be Sumida City. Its deep understanding for manufacturers makes us believe it is the suitable place to run factories in the central Tokyo.
Address: 1-9-7, Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0002