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Top Voices of Companies Hashimoto Chuzo INC. (Ota-City)

Hashimoto Chuzo INC. (Ota-City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Hashimoto Chuzo INC. (Ota-City)

Hashimoto Chuzo INC. makes casting components for device requiring high precision such as liquid crystal or semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It is a long-established company having celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. Since its inception, it has persistently worked on casting works in Tokyo. We interviewed president Hiroshi Suzuki.

Replaced all the obsolete equipment

Our company was established in 1912. Founder Mitsuji Hashimoto, with his view "casting works should grow in the coming years" in mind, resigned a coal mining company and started his own business in Ebisu, Tokyo by gathering equipment and employees. The company moved in 1928 to Minamirokugo, Ota City, or Ota-ku, and during the War it entered in the ammunition industry and grew with a brand “Patriot Piston Ring.” In 1978, it moved to Keihinjima, Ota City where the current head office and plant are located. Taking that opportunity, we replaced all the equipment which was already obsolete then. Namely, old melting facilities were replaced by low-frequency electric furnace and at the same time high-frequency electric furnace was introduced in order to meet demand for special cast iron and steel. In 2006, we were ranked in “Best Spirted Small to Medium-sized Manufacturers 300” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and also won the Excellence Award in the "Fourth Valiant Management Awards" sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2007, I took over the company as fourth generation president.

Succeeded in developing low-expansion casting alloy

Our main products are "Low-Expansion Casting Alloy μH (micro H) Series." successfully developed in 1980 with the new facilities. The trigger was an inquiry for developing low-expansion casting alloy essential to precision machining equipment from an old classmate of third-generation president Mitsuzo Hashimoto, who was running a precision machining equipment maker. Previously, well known was an alloy called "invar" whose expansion coefficient was reduced to about tenth part that of steel by such as adding 36% of nickel to steel. To make invar materials, very small amount of manganese and carbon is also added and these processes cause differences in alloy quality. In addition, invar is difficult in handling because of low liquidity attributed from its nature of quick coagulation. We succeeded in resolving these problems through trial and error. Today, the alloy is used for precision machining equipment for electronic components and others, steppers for semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing, high-pressure pumps, etc.

Locational convenience with business partners and support facilities nearby

Our major clients—precision machining equipment, stepper, pump makers—being all located nearby in Tokyo offers advantages for our marketing activities and sharing development processes with them. Also accumulated in Tokyo are suppliers of materials including wooden molds and iron scraps. In the course of developing low-expansion casting alloy, we frequented the Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute and were able to measure expansion coefficient. This way, our locating in Tokyo has been very advantageous to our business activities and this is the very reason to stay in the central Tokyo since our inception.

Jointly built company condo with peers

We are making efforts to boost our hiring abilities through jointly holding job fairs and improving employee benefits such as building a company condominium with dozens of nearby peers, as smaller companies like us with “3K Workplaces (undesired environments for workers)” tend to have difficulties in hiring. As a result, we successfully grew younger, with average age of over 55 in 1985 declining to 37.5 for 26 regular staffs and 34.2 for 20 factory workers except officers and clerks. This is also enabled because we are located in Tokyo.
Hashimoto Chuzo INC.
Address: 2-19-10, Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo