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Top Voices of Companies HAMANO PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

HAMANO PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
HAMANO PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

HAMANO PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. has turned itself from a mass press work company with a few employees to a sheet-metal plant corresponding to small-lot/high-mix and test production. We asked about thoughts for Sumida City to president Keiichi Hamano who still keeps coming up with various ideas one after another.

Clients increased tenfold in 5 years after establishing a production system enabling quick delivery and strict delivery time

We are a group of experts in sheet-metal, laser and press works, working on processing and producing components for industry and machine related equipment. We have technologies adapted to a wide variety of industries from semiconductor related precision components to medical equipment, auto parts, connector components, game device components and others. Also, we always keep looking ahead and working on such as proactively collaborating with academia, which for example led to a success of 8,000m deep sea exploration with deep sea shuttle device “Edokko 1.”

Reason for sticking to Sumida is "attachment"

We have been located here since my father’s era. As this is my “home town” where my entire childhood is spent, I have an attachment for no reason. When in elementary school, I used to observe workers at nearby factories on my way home with a school bag on my back. Being in such an environment, I was able to directly feel through my skin what manufacturing is.
Unfortunately, we recently see more factories tend to shut down and go overseas seeking for cheaper labor costs. Smaller manufacturers have various issues including technology tradition or successor problems, but more significant I think is we are losing spots conveying to children the fun of making things.

Expectations for the TOKYO SKYTREE

The "TOKYO SKYTREE," opened in May 2012, has been attracting many visitors and at the Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN we are selling "kaleidoscopes turning wastes to treasure". We hope various opportunities born out of Sumida as many people as well as information are gathering into the City. In 2012, we began a manufacturing version of KidZania, a site designed for children to experience various simulated adult jobs, hoping to convey them the joy of making things through such experience.

There is still a possibility "Tokyo"

We believe advantages of being in Tokyo are threefold:
Firstly, environments for industry and academia collaboration are maturing as there are many universities in the city, leading to potential business opportunities. In fact, we have many talented students working part-time. I am sure our employees are not technologically inferior to them but students’ ideas brought from various aspects are valuable. Having them with us is also helping vitalize our company as our factory workers are stimulated by information shared with them. Our company cultures and atmospheres have been definitely changed in 11 years since we first hired part-time students.

Another advantage is the fact we have many designers gathering in Tokyo. I heard the city attracting designers most was not in Europe or the United states but Tokyo. We have ever been able to widen our product ideas with helps from these designers.
Finally, Tokyo attracts people and information anyway.
Even in the Internet era, we still think it very important to do businesses face-to-face. We feel potentials remaining in Tokyo are still much tremendous even though manufacturing industries, in particular, pursuing globalization.
Address: 4-39-7, Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0041