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Top Voices of Companies Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd. (Machida City)

Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd. (Machida City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2016-3-2
Updated on 2016-3-2
Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd. (Machida City)

Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd. is a maker, which develops and conducts special processing of critical parts of electron microscopes, etc. It is a global niche leading company that boasts a high market share at home and abroad. We interviewed President Masanori Watanabe of the Company.

Playing a crucial role for developing nanotechnologies

Our Company has worked mainly on developments/special processing of filaments and aperture plates used in electron microscopes, filaments used in mass spectrometers, and other components. Electron microscopes emit electrons against samples and transform result data to image. Filaments are thermionic sources of electron beams, while aperture plates are thin metal plates to focus and narrow down secondary electron beams that are emitted from aperture plates. The metal plates have drilled holes with diameter of 2 microns, which play a function for displaying images clearly in the same manner as iris of cameras. Filaments and aperture plates are two critical components as electron microscopes can look into the nano world only with them. Japanese manufacturers hold some 70% of global market share in electron microscopes. Our two components are used in their products, and therefore we are proud of ourselves due to our critical role for developing nanotechnologies.

Providing products of the highest quality that stand unrivaled in the world

Our Company was established in 1967 by Founder Yukio Sato, who had focused on developing electron microscopes when working for a filament manufacturer.
When he had carefully conducted manual processing of filaments for electron microscopes by spot-welding, clients asked him for processing various related components, which gradually led to a business expansion. In the late 1980s, responding to a need “to see clearer images of particles," he succeeded in drilling processing of the world's smallest hole with only 2-micron diameter on aperture plates, in collaboration with universities and electron microscope manufacturers.
At the time, 10 microns were considered as revolutionary, and you can see how shocking the outcome was. Moreover, he developed a proprietary technology to remove burrs remaining on circumstance of a hole opened, and also a proprietary technology to coat a hole with osmium, which enabled longer lives by preventing static charges, and resulted in further sharpening of images. With such engineering capabilities, we can provide products of unrivaled highest quality in the world.

Based in Tokyo is essential as we need close communications

Every client electron microscope manufacturers of ours are based in Tokyo or its outlying cities, and it is essential for us to be based in Tokyo as our developments require close communications with our clients. In addition, related exhibitions are held in Tokyo, which enhances convenience of Tokyo, even for collecting information.
In addition, I believe Tokyo is also excellent in terms of living environment. We offer a leased corporate housing in Machida City, where our Company is headquartered. Good living environment is one of our advantages also in fringe benefit.
Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd.
Address: 4-24-24, Tamagawagakuen, Machida-shi, Tokyo