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Top Voices of Companies Addnics Corporation (Hachioji City)

Addnics Corporation (Hachioji City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2016-3-2
Updated on 2016-3-2
Addnics Corporation (Hachioji City)

Addnics Corporation locates in a convenient area; 2-minites walk from JR West Hachioji Station. Since the Company’s establishment in the area in 1998, 15 years have passed. The Company has been frequently picked up by media, such as magazines, as it has developed a string of “single-line products” including communication devices incorporated in ultra-small satellites, which respond to needs of research institutes and universities. We interviewed President Kaname Kojima of the Company, who is also a veteran engineer with more than 30-year experience in the technology field.

Engaging in R&D of high-frequency analog circuits

I originally worked for a manufacturer specializing in high-frequency related developments, and was in charge of analog circuits among high frequency technologies. After that I established my Company as a venture company in 1998. We have conducted designing and developing products based on our expertise in high frequencies. There are less number of analog engineers in these days, while we can provide products with more reasonable prices and more flexibly than large-scaled manufacturers, which is one of our strengths.
Sometimes we invite outside engineers when we need them, however, we basically are a small team with myself and two engineers, and a staff in charge of accounting. As I’d like to remain an active engineer, I prefer keeping this size of business to expanding our business by dedicating myself to management.
Our workspace has a comfortably rich space in spite of the number of people. We install clean benches to avoid contamination of dust, which enables us to work in an environment suitable to developing precision instruments.

Compact transmitters successfully used in the space and ocean

Out of our sales developments of space-related equipment account about half.
We had developed the system of command transmitter and telemetry receiver that was mounted on a small satellite “Reimei,” which was launched in 2005. It is a critical system to take care of radio communications to transmit data which are observed in the space.
A CubeSat "RAIKO" which was launched in July 2012 and released in October from the International Space Station also incorporates wireless communication equipment that we developed
In addition to the space field, we also develop a variety of equipment upon requests from university professors and others.
For example, we were asked by a professor who studied on spawning migration ecology of Japanese eels, and developed a transmitter for transmitting the data of eels’ movement in real time by loading it on eels’ body.

Backing up experts in various fields with our own engineering capabilities

Basically we have developed single-line products only. In case of circuits built in mobile phones can reduce the cost per unit by mass-production, while such circuit with demand for single unit can be costly. Such products can be developed more flexibly by small company like us than large-scale companies. Many of our clients have finally come to us after they had asked many people for any capable contractor.
We, of course, are proud of ourselves as we can support research and development activities of professors, which we’ d like to continue even in the future.

Hachioji area with a superior access to the center of Tokyo and local regions

The site with a walking distance from West Hachioji Station is convenient, as we can have frequent communications with university professors, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and staff of manufacturers. It’s not bothering for us to go to the center of Tokyo a few times per week, while visiting local regions is easy. From Hachioji we can go to Niigata area using the Inter-City Expressway. If using the Chuo Expressway and the Tomei Expressway we can go out for Shizuoka area. The area, in addition, is a little far from the center of Tokyo, and we can enjoy cheaper land prices and quiet environment suitable to researches and prototype production. I believe this area is quite adequate to run our business considering the good accesses.
Addnics Corporation
Address: Arcadia Nishihachioji 2F, 4-45-15, Daimachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo