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HiSOL, Inc. (Taito City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2016-3-2
Updated on 2016-3-2
HiSOL, Inc. (Taito City)

HiSOL, Inc. which has the both functions of a trading company and a manufacturer, and it has continued to meet the needs of researchers and developers who are involved in the leading-edge semiconductor industry. The Company was elected as one of the "300 Active Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Its President Kazuyuki Yoshioka says, "A number of information and business opportunities are sleeping in Tokyo." We interviewed him regarding the reasons behind.

Improving our own strength by responding to clients’ needs

Our company develops and sells testing equipment of semiconductors that are installed in high-tech devices such as personal computers and mobile phones, and "bonding machine" for wiring IC chips on circuit boards at the prototype stage of such semiconductors. At the time of its founding in 1967, it started as a trading firm which imported "bonding machine” from the United States and sold them in the domestic market. Since then for a long time we had dealt with inspection equipment to be used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, while, from the 1990s and onwards, we have acquired a manufacturing function and worked for Monozukuri, or manufacturing. We made this shift for accepting clients’ needs directly and responding to them quickly. We also considered that we could acquire a power to respond to changes in any time by holding the both functions of a trading firm and a manufacturer.

Measuring equipment supporting developments of semiconductor products

The Company's flagship of "bonding machine" is a semi-automatic type which positions between automated machine used at mass-production factories and manually operated machine used at R&D divisions. Our machine is used at R&D sites of semiconductor manufacturers, universities and public research institutes, considering certain levels of mass-production. We developed EM testers with our own design to predict wiring lives of semiconductor devices by putting heat stresses on IC chips. The testers enabled shorter and simpler testing, as conventional testing had to be done with a probe, which is comprised of thin needles, on IC chips cut out of a wafer, or on a wafer. With our technology no chip is wasted, and the technology has got popularity for its environment-friendly feature. There has been a trend in which semiconductor manufacturers shift their manufacturing sites to overseas. Our measuring equipment products can contribute to niche business fields, including R&D units which can remain in Japan. Our mission is therefore to respond to clients’ needs more carefully.

Taking advantage of dormant information and business opportunities

There are several benefits to continue businesses in Tokyo. First, when conducting demonstrations at our Company, its site is convenient for our clients to visit. It locates next to Akihabara, and it’s also easy to purchase electronic parts which we need suddenly. Some overseas clients visit us as we locate next to Akihabara. Of course, when we go out for sales activities, it does not need to say that we can easily access to Shinkansen bullet trains and aircrafts. We consider that Tokyo has dormant information and opportunities. Large number of large-scale industrial exhibitions and lectures are held. I believe business opportunities can emerge from such active information. That should be an advantage of Tokyo, which cannot exist in local cities.
HiSOL, Inc.
Address: 1-17-6, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo