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Top Voices of Companies ELIONIX INC. (Hachioji City)

ELIONIX INC. (Hachioji City)

Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2016-3-1
Updated on 2016-3-1
ELIONIX INC. (Hachioji City)

ELIONIX INC., which has its main factory in Hachioji City, or Hachioji-shi, is a leading company in nanotechnology, conducting R&D, manufacturing and selling of systems applying electrons, ions and X-rays. Leading-edge nano-processing and measuring systems the Company developed have been used by major companies, public research institutions and universities. We interviewed Chairman of the Board Seigo Honme.

Contributing to the society through developing scientific technologies

Optical communication networks have expanded, and the telecommunication environment in Japan has become much more convenient compared to a few years ago. Expansion was accelerated as duplexers to finely divide wavelengths of light could be manufactured cheaply. Moreover we can now purchase high-quality but cheaper digital cameras, as micro lenses to compensate for defects of glass lenses can be manufactured cheaply. These could be achieved thanks to nanotechnology. Our Company researches and develops nano-processing and measuring systems based on nanotechnology. Major products are measuring/analyzing systems, including Electron Beam Lithography Systems enabling ultra-high precision lithography, and Electron Beam 3D Surface Roughness Analyzers.

An excellent processor to support the outsourcing industry

The Company was founded in 1975, and started its business in a room of an apartment in Musashino City. About three years later, we moved to Hachioji which is close to the center of Tokyo, and where we could use factories at affordable prices. Then we purchased a land and built the current main factory. Our Headquarters have the divisions of administration, sales and development, and a showroom for clients. The showroom is a place for demonstrations and joint researches, which is therefore equipped with our product models.
In 2003, we also built the Nano-Tech System Center some ten-minute car ride from the Headquarters. Currently, manufacture of components is outsourced, and assemblies and tunings are conducted in the Nano-Tech System Center.
Since there are many companies with advanced technologies around Hachioji, we can complete every processing in this area.

About 1 hour to go to the center of Tokyo. Leading research institutes exist in the surrounding areas.

Attractiveness of Hachioji includes: high-quality information collection function, cheaper land prices and better access to transportation. When developing systems to be used for leading-edge researches, we need to collect the latest information on scientific technologies. It is too late to know them in written materials. It is easier to attend conferences and research meetings, which are important sources for information, if we locate in Hachioji, which is about one hour distant from the center of Tokyo. In the surrounding areas there are several research institutes of major blue-chip companies of Japan, including TOSHIBA, FUJITSU and NEC, and we can feel trends of leading-edge technologies. We have an environment, which is equipped with networks of railways and roads, and our site location is quite convenient for demonstrations for clients and product deliveries. I suppose this area offers high values, even considering land prices.

Providing Monozukuri (manufacturing) to support Japan from the Tama area

Metropolitan Tokyo has a gorgeous image related to commerce and fashion, while it has a high population of manufacturing and more advanced initiatives than those of national government, I feel. More number of companies have moved their factory sites to local regions and/or overseas to escape from Tokyo where land and commodity prices are expensive. On the other hand, we are required what we can do only in Tokyo, or highly value-added manufacturing only possible in Tokyo. Those including, for example, products applying leading-edge technologies, and products responding to varying needs, such as ornaments. Such Monozukuri (manufacturing) should be possible only in special areas—the Tama area is one of such locations. The areas, where new products continue to be developed, can offer business opportunities.
Small and medium-sized companies including us should protect competent processing companies. We ask such processors with leading technologies to come to this area, and to support Japan together. Only Tama area can provide attractive products which can lead the world.
Address: 3-7-6, Motoyokoyamacho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo