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Top Voices of Companies SAITO SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (Itabashi City)


Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2016-3-1
Updated on 2016-3-1

SAITO SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD., or the Company, is known as it manufactures ultra-small diameter drills which are thinner than hair. "ATOM" brand drills are used for various fields of industries, including manufacturing of IT equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, and writing instruments. We interview Saito Tomoyoshi, President of the Company, which was elected as one of the "300 Vital Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, regarding the benefits to be located in Tokyo and business outlook of the Company.

Strength in know-how and manufacturing facilities

Our current main products are drills. By meeting needs of many clients, we have a high market share particularly in manufacturing small-diameter drills with φ3mm or less. Manufacturing industries utilizing small-diameter drills vary largely, ranging from IT equipment, optical instrument, medical equipment such as gastric cameras, manufacturing equipment for chemical fiber, and to more familiar products of automobiles and ballpoint pen tips. Why the Monozukuri (manufacturing) of Japan has advanced in stretching miniaturization is because Japan’s Monozukuri has succeeded in miniaturizing components and semiconductors embedded. Holes needed for assembling components, and distances between holes as well, have been miniaturized. Demand for small-diameter drills was quite small at the beginning of development, which has grown dramatically backed by changes in market needs. The growing industry, however, is still niche considering the total size of manufacturing industry, and thus the market is not attractive for leading machine tool manufacturers and new competitors to enter. The market is niche, and that’s why we can take advantage of our strength in know-how and manufacturing facilities which we have accumulated for a long time.

Strength of the brand “ATOM” which was born as a result

Under the "ATOM" brand, we currently offer some 6,000 catalog products, as well as made-to-order special drills to meet client’s needs. The brand "ATOM" was named by our founder, who was plush as he used "Saito Works" in katakana notation for registering and founding his company in 1934, which was quite rare at the time. Yet the small factory implemented a “brand strategy,” so-called today, which nobody surrounding him even thought of. My father, the second generation president, challenged manufacturing ultra-small diameter drills of φ0.02mm thinner than women's hair with a soul of engineers, despite there was no market demand. The Company’ brand image of "Small Diameter ATOM" at that time was born as a result, however, I assume it has a value which cannot be afforded as it has been accumulated over years.

“Annoying works” which can be appreciated as global niche

Our growth strategy, which I draw as the third generation president, is an overseas expansion, taking advantage of our features. The word of “Made in Japan” is not equal to engineering capabilities, but implies “annoying” works, i.e. high-mix low-volume manufacturing, used for “niche fields” that nobody touches. This can be achieved by accumulating daily ingenuity and improvements. In the global market you can find “niche fields.” Enterprises with our business size should take all such market demand, and do manufacturing in Japan to realize the demand. It is inevitable for the Company, which aim at global expansion, to develop businesses in Tokyo with good access where various usable information and enterprises, including foreign ones, concentrate.
Address: 8-6, Hasunumacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo