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Top Voices of Companies Yamazaki Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Hino City)

Yamazaki Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Hino City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Yamazaki Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Hino City)
Yamazaki Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a company manufacturing automotive sheet metal press die, located in Tama Industrial Cooperative Park in Shin-Machi, Hino City. We have interviewed the President, Mr. Seiichi Yamazaki, pictured right, and the Section Chief, Mr. Tsuguhiro Yamazaki, pictured left, of the company engaged in high precision die making with its accumulated experience and skills over the years.

Trained techniques and capability to respond precisely

The company was established in 1965 by the former president manufacturing dies and tools for printed circuit boards. In 1967, it was incorporated as a limited private company and began to manufacture automotive press die at the same time. Due to enlargement of dies handled, we moved the factory to the current location in 1972, introduced double-column machining center in 1986, and installed a second machine in 2008. Being a rare company to have two of double-column machining centers in the Tama region, our strength is to manufacture dies, which small factories are not capable of doing. In addition, not only can we manufacture large, high-precision dies by making use of advanced technical skills of our experienced craftsmen, but we also manage various needs of our customers, such as die remodeling and repair work. Even though we mainly manufacture automotive sheet metal press dies, we would also respond to different needs, not limited to dies, such as data preparation for 2D and 3D numerical control (NC), NC machining, machining with other general-purpose machines, and manual assembly operations and welding done by the craftsmen, etc.

Preparing easy-to-use die for the users

We work by considering first the practical utility for our customers of our dies. Especially for the press die, not only do we ensure accurate molding of the product, but we also consider the smooth operation of the pieces, such as lifters and pads, and treatment of scraps as important parts of quality for production. We manufacture with sufficient care, and try to minimize adjustments required afterwards by our customers. Additionally, we not only improve the basic accuracy, but we also add extra value by putting “special care” such as, “If we apply this creative finishing touch, our customers will not injure their hands.” For a long time, we have been delivering a true “easy-to-use” with our adept mechanics’ skills and senses. We believe that these actual achievements and attitudes led to “trust” and are earning a favorable reception.

The advantage of industrial park in Tokyo

It was in 1972, when we moved to our current location. The former location was close to a residential neighborhood and had issues such as noise, so some companies including us moved to the current location, Tama Industrial Cooperative Park. Since this industrial park was built at that time, we feel that we have “launched” this place. For this reason, we still have a sense of attachment to this place. As for logistics, although many of our valued customers are at districts such as Gunma, Sagamihara, Shizuoka, etc., we do not experience difficulty since we are located in their central location, Tokyo. Moreover, since we are inside the industrial park, there are no concerns such as noise, and being able to operate 24 hours a day is a big plus for us. With the advantages of being located in an industrial park in Tokyo, possessing advanced technical capabilities, having large facilities, etc., we will continue to make an effort to receive wide range of orders.
Yamazaki Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address: 5-4-6 Shin-Machi, Hino City, Tokyo
Phone: 042-582-2293 Fax: 042-582-2294