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Top Voices of Companies Fuji Die Co., Ltd. (Ota Ward)

Fuji Die Co., Ltd. (Ota Ward)

Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2013-5-12
Updated on 2015-3-19
Fuji Die Co., Ltd. (Ota Ward)
Fuji Die Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of wear resistance tool from cemented carbide. Besides the head office in Tokyo, it has offices in all over Japan as well as branches in China, Thailand and Indonesia. Furthermore, in order to support Japanese manufacturing industry, recently it has entered into Indian and Malaysian market too. I interviewed Mr. Shoji Watanabe company’s Director and Sales Division Deputy General Manager.

An enterprise holding to one third of market share

The company was founded in 1949 in Tobata city, Fukuoka prefecture to repair the Wire Dice (a tool that is used for manufacture wires). After the war in 1953 aiming at the reconstruction demand, company moved to Shimomaruko, Ota ward in Tokyo where the head office is now and made its factory there. In the following year, in 1954, the company started the present business of sintering alloy carbide. The business has been expanding ever since steadily and at the present it has 900 employees, with 14 offices and 11 factories around the country and branches in 5 other countries. The company’s total sell on wear resistance cemented carbide has reached to 11 billion JPY (over 110 million UDS) and is enjoying a third of all market share.

The strength of consistent production system

Company’s highest strength comes from listening to our customers’ needs. Each product is customized from preparation of raw materials to processing of metal powder and that can be said is a consistent production system. The wear resistance carbide tools that are made in our factories are used in Can manufacturing, Iron works, Roll the rolls, Dice plugs, formation of Optical elements, Forming mold, battery Cell molding and a wide variety of other industries. Therefore, it is not affected by economy recession and has maintained its stable performance. These are solid and expensive products, but can be used for many years. In order to use the products over a long time, the customer can rely on our maintenance services and once the product is delivered our long lasting relationship with customers continues. The reason we have established branches around the country is to be near our customers and to be able to carry the maintenance in short time. If we receive it today, be able to return it tomorrow. This type of services also will be company’s strength.

The merits of being located in Tokyo

Tokyo as starting point is very convenient and that is because the transportation network in Tokyo is very good. One of the merits I think is that many customers have their head office in Tokyo and it would be much easier to get in touch with them and make face to face contact which is very essential for mutual relationship. Also compare to Osaka and Nagoya the number of exhibitions held in Tokyo are far greater and the number of people who visit each exhibition are also greater which I think is a big merit from business point of view. Furthermore, with the support of district and Ota ward, frequently factory observation study project called “Ota Open Factory” take place in the region. Since we don’t have the opportunity got acquaintance with locals on every day bases, it is a good chance for us take part in the project and to get to know them and let them to know the nature of business.
Address: 2-17-10, Shimomaruko, Ota ward, Tokyo