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Top Voices of Companies AOKI Science Institute Co., LTD (Minato Ward)

AOKI Science Institute Co., LTD (Minato Ward)

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Created on 2013-5-12
Updated on 2015-3-19
AOKI Science Institute Co., LTD (Minato Ward)
AOKI Science Institute Co., LTD has been based in Roppongi, Minato Ward, since it was founded in 1927. The company is doing business with car manufacturers all over the world and the address in Roppongi has a great impact on overseas customers visiting Japan. I interviewed Mr. Hisaharu Aoki the president of company that has been selected Strategic Technology Infrastructure for Supporting Sophisticated Business by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

A rapid leap into the world by purifying high performance oil

The company was founded as a trading company in 1927 in Roppongi Minato Ward, and started to import mainly Engine Oil and grease from overseas and sell them to gas stations. After the war, it was hard to import products. Therefore company started to purify the raw base oil and that was the beginning of second stage, emerging as an oil manufacturer. The main product at that time was engine oil because all car manufacturers in the country have began working on Sports Motor. The engineers have recognized that our high performance oil can secure the engine rotation that was desired for sports motors. After that we become a manufacturer of pure oil for a major car manufacturer, and gaining the trust of customer by responding to their high level demands. Starting with Europe, at the present, we are doing business with car manufacturers around the world.

Developing environmental friendly release agent

40 years of technical research has led us to yet another main product, a release agent for die casting. In the metal mold casting for press fittings, to prevent the molten metal from sticking to the cast and reduce the fraction, a die casting agent is applied to the cast. In recent years, it has become an indispensable product in manufacturing metallic parts for cars, Electrical appliances and IT related equipments. The release agent that company has manufactured, compare to conventional products that must be diluted in the water, can exert sufficient coating effect with only 1/1000 of the amount. That is a product which will contribute to a big cost down and reduction of drainage water. And not only it has a cost merit, it also contribute to environmental protection. This release agent was developed in 2003 and is presently used by all car manufacturers in the country and will also be used in formation of new products that are going to follow.

Leveraging on Roppongi Address

Up until 1996, the company had a production site of 1300 Tubo (4300m2) in Roppongi, Minato ward, but as the production increased we needed a larger place so we moved our factory to Kodama Gun in Saitama and head office to Roppongi Hills. This Roppongi area is a well known name overseas and it is an important factor in promoting strategy for our overseas market. In order to promote “Made in Japan” branding, I think we should use production site, “Tokyo” and “Roppongi” brand power to elevate the company image.
Address: 18F, Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills, Roppongi, Minato Ward, 6-10-1, Tokyo