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Top Voices of Companies ONIZUKA GLASS Co., LTD. (Ome city)

ONIZUKA GLASS Co., LTD. (Ome city)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2013-5-12
Updated on 2015-3-19
ONIZUKA GLASS Co., LTD. (Ome city)
ONIZUKA GLASS Co., LTD has continued contribute to the medical field with its advanced glass processing technology since it was established in 1967. The company is very proud to be one of the world’s top companies with technical ability of making a glass pipe with an outer diameter of 10 micron and an inner diameter of 8 micron. We interviewed Mr. Yoshihiro Onizuka the president of ONIZUKA GLASS CO., LTD who is attracting a great deal of attention because of his success in developing the world's first discharge X ray tube.

10 years of hardship since establishment.

After graduating from Junior High school, I jointed a company. I was engaged in glass work for 9 years. At the age 22 I realized that I was born to be a glass craft man and decided to become independent. At the age of 25 I started this company. The first 10 years the business didn’t go well at all and there were nights which I couldn’t go to sleep because I was too worry about the company. The result of that hardship is this company with 53 employees. Now that I look back, I think it was the right thing to become independent. Naturally I still am distressed about the business. The distress never goes away only changes form from time to time.

Leaped into fame with Advanced Tech Glass Cell for blood analysis

At the present the main product is Glass Cell for blood analysis. About 60 percent of total revenue of the company comes from selling this product. I am confident that our technique for manufacturing this glass cell is the only one in the world. As a matter of fact, it was this glass cell that helped the company to develop. About 25 years ago one of our customers approached us and asked us if we could make such a glass cell. It took about half a year to make a perfect one. We received a certificate of appreciation form that company. After that, we had inquiries from other companies and at the present we are supplying this product to 5 different companies.

A discharge X ray tube, a breakthrough in electrical emission field and other new products

We shouldn’t rely on glass cell for blood analysis only. There is a need for new products with every generation change. Otherwise there will be no growth under current situation. The product that we expect to have a big market from now on is a small carbon dioxide release type laser. It uses DC discharge and is capable of performing very delicate process. The next one that I think will be a hit product is an X ray discharge tube that recently we succeeded in developing it. It will be an internationally breakthrough in electrical emission field. X ray tubes are used for X ray diagnosis. This low power consumption type X ray tube without any hesitation demonstrates our company’s capability. We haven’t succeeded all by ourselves. It is the result of collaboration with many universities along the way.

The industrial exchange in MITSUHARA industrial park encourages business

Since our company is located in MITSUHARA industrial park in Ome city, starting with metal processing company, there are many different companies in the area, it would be very easy to communication with those companies and proceed smoothly. It also has the merit of boosting the ego of similar enterprises that are having hard time by calling on them to see how they are doing. Also through MITSUHARA industrial association we can participate in many activities which also will be encouraging.
Address: 3-9-18 Imai, Ome city, Tokyo