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ALT INC (Nerima Ward)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2013-5-12
Updated on 2015-12-19
ALT INC (Nerima Ward)
ALT INC. has been elected as one of 300 most enthusiastic small and medium size manufacturing enterprises by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for expanding business in the most advance field of laser beam technology. Research, Technology and New products are the essential elements for success in a company. I interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Takano the president of ALT INC. for current states of business.

Manufacturing and marketing Inspection equipment for laser printers

In 1992, three engineers who were working in research and development division of a high resolution laser printer manufacturing company decided to utilize their rich experience in optical technology and establish their own company to develop measuring application, but soon started to manufacture measuring equipment for laser printer manufacturers. The optical measuring that our company is specialized needs electrical and optical measuring. Even if there be some specialized companies for each of one, it is very rare for a company that can correspond to both at the same time. Since there were not many competitors that could have optical, electrical and mechanical skill niche in the field, soon the words got around by our customers and introduced us to others. At the present beside Japan, the company is corresponding to foreign printer makers and manufacture and deliver tailor made inspection equipments base on any given specifications.

Using Optical MEMS Technology to focus on developing equipments

I the past 5 to 6 years, alongside the popularity of laser printers, the low cost models also have been on demand and each company has started to lower its investment capital. To overcome such market environment, at the present, the company has focused on developing optical MEMS measuring systems. The optical MEMS that can be loaded on a small size devices is the latest next generation technology using navigation system that has been used in focus free displays and currently is under development in R&D laboratories of many manufacturers. The Company not only concentrates on developing inspection devices for such optical MEMS, but also is engaged in developing a light source that can irradiate stable linear like wavelength laser or such systems that use optical MEMS. The market is expecting development of advance units to inspect the state of wall of tunnels or surface of the roads, bar code readers, devices to discreet nylon from degraded plastics etc, and devices for any other familiar fields.

Tokyo with its convenient transportation system is the most suitable for company location

This company was established in one of the rooms of an apartment located in Meguro ward of Tokyo.The simple reason we moved to current location in Nerima ward about 15 years ago was that it was right in the center of areas that our employees were living and it was easy for them to commute. Since our overseas customers have increased, the visiting customers, system demonstration and observation cases also have increased so we feel the importance of location. Regarding the transportation, we are very satisfied because beside rail road, we are near to the No. 7 loop line and KANTSU interchange which makes the area very suitable. I feel we are able to work more efficiently because company is located in well adjusted Tokyo environment.
Address: 1-21-10, Toyotama minami, Nerima ward, Tokyo.