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Plane Co. Ltd. (Setagaya city)

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Created on 2013-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
The main office of Plane Co. Ltd. is located in a very stylish and quiet residential area of Setagaya ward in Tokyo. All the objects that can be seen both inside and outside of the company symbolize the company’s flagship which is Industrial Design. The visitors will be fascinated by company’s conference room packed with numerous products that have been designed so far. This time, we asked Mr. Watanabe the president of the company regarding the benefits of Metropolitan’s “Support Project for strengthen the base of manufacturing industry” and doing business in Metropolitan area.

Industrial Design Company that gives shape to enterprise’s Idea

Industrial Design is the core business of Plane Co. Ltd..We have designed industrial products of variable size.Mainly, a maker asks a design to us. In some cases, we suggest a plan to the maker. Most recently, minimalife Co. Ltd. was established. We started to manufacture and sell the product designed by our company thorough minimalife. The first product in the new challenge is tape dispenser 'eN', which has no tape reels. Calculated balance of weight makes the extreme compact design while it is easy to use as same as conventional products.

A good design enhance the commercial value of product

A portable gas stove is not only a cookware, it also appear on the dining table as a table ware too. The portable gas stove that appears on the dining table must be in harmony with assortment of wonderful tableware and the cuisine.
As for this product, not only the attention has been paid to the design and material, the enriching the quality of meal and dining has brought into consideration and despite its price that is several times higher than a typical portable gas stove, it has become a hit product.

Utilizing the characteristics of CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)

While receiving assistance, the company has developed a lighting fixture under brand name of “YOOG” with higher light uniformity and lower energy consumption compare to LED Light utilizing the characteristics of slender CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp).
The desk light that had been designed in the form of a single tube “Tubelumi” (shown right) is redesigned and developed into a small and slim light fixture “Shelflumi” for mass production.

The Idea of “Manufacturing together”

Since the “Shelflumi” (Shown right) can be fixed by magnet, not only can choose the location, but also several of them can be connected to each other to have a unique light source with various length for various applications.
Originally, after developing the “Tubelumi” with our partner enterprise, Nissho Telecom, there was a desire to continue the manufacturing venture together, but providing the capital for development was not in the right condition. Therefore we applied for an assistance fund that was granted and allowed us to work together again. It is a public fund and there is a time limit for this venture, but if this fund hadn’t been granted, we wouldn’t be able to work together again and the Shelflumi wouldn’t be developed and that makes us very grateful.

Tokyo that can sublimate passion to design

There are unlimited merits in having and doing business in Tokyo. An Idea can be turned into product from planning to design and to production all in vicinity of your company. The original product and the people that are going to use it can be surveyed when it is designed.
In Tokyo, everything is within the reach and one can meet a lot of people and communicate with them directly. Coming across our partner’s enthusiasm led us to design “YOOG” series. That was a kind of enthusiasm that cannot be convey over the phone or internet. None the less, meeting directly enabled us to sublimate the mutual enthusiasm into design.
Address: 2-37-9 Sangenchaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo