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Top Voices of Companies Katsura Seimitsu, K.K. (Hachioji City)

Katsura Seimitsu, K.K. (Hachioji City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2011-11-18
Updated on 2015-3-19
Katsura Seimitsu, K.K. (Hachioji City)
Katsura Seimitsu, K.K., based in Hachioji City, engages in processing and assembling the parts of medical equipment, broadcasting equipment, semiconductor-related equipment and other precision devices as well as metal plates. Enjoying strong ties with finished products makers in the community where the factory is located, the company supplies parts essential for products that enjoy the top share in the world. The following is an excerpt of an interview with President Keisuke Mita.

Our focus on endoscope parts that enjoy an over 70% share in the global market

Most of our sales are generated by our work for the precision device makers that have technology development centers and production bases in and around Hachioji. One focus is endoscope parts, which boast an over 70 percent share in the world. We are proud of our advanced high-precision processing technologies, which are used in sophisticated medical equipment, where errors are not permissible. Another of our specialties is parts for broadcasting cameras and semiconductor production devices. We are also strong in the precise processing of thin metal plates, and such technical skills are enabled by our highly skilled and experienced staff who can fully utilize processing machinery. As a written manual alone is insufficient to acquire such expertise, we video record work sites, and use these videos in the educational training of our younger workers.

Expansion of our business from jig to metal mold and press work

In 1968, my father founded this company here in Hachioji from scratch. In those days, we rented machinery to make a jig. Afterwards, we started the production of metal molds using the jig, and then press work using the metal molds. Thus we have expanded our business, step by step. As low value-added presswork shifted to Asia and other overseas markets, we started sheet metal processing and assembling, and began to receive orders to produce the endoscope parts whose mass production had started at that time. Since then, we have engaged in value-added work, shifting our focus to high-precision processing.

Best selection of specialized business operators

Hachioji is an important traffic hub: here, Route 18— which runs north and south—and the Koshu Kaido Route—which runs east and west—cross. Also, many universities and other research institutes are located in the area, which offers ideal conditions for cooperation between industry and academia in developing new technologies. Because of these attractive conditions, a large industrial center has been extensively established in Hachioji and nearby Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are thus many specialized business operators in Hachioji, including, for instance, surface treatment specialists. Such an environment enables our company to choose the optimal specialized business operator when we receive one of our many varied orders.

Working together with local enterprises

Hachioji has many research and development sites of major manufacturers, which foster huge business opportunities. A wide range of venture companies founded by engineers from leading manufacturers are also concentrated in the city. It appears that these companies have advanced technologies that enable them to easily conduct business independently. Yet if these local companies work together, scale advantages can be realized, and other advanced technologies can be devised and produced, creating more opportunities to receive new orders. Based on these ideas, we organized a cross-industry consortium, “Hachioji IIJ.” in cooperation with our peers who participated in the “Hachioji Mirai Juku," an educational program implemented by Hachioji City and the Hachioji Chamber of Commerce with the aim of developing business successors. We are now working on a project to develop high-end audio speakers for business use. This project was certified for the “Key Technology Industry Group Support Program," which is implemented by the Bureau of Industrial Labor Offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and we receive a subsidy via this program. Into the future, we will continue to engage in large-scale business in cooperation with local enterprises.
Address: 2-4-21, Motohongo-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo