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Top Voices of Companies Search Light Japan Co., Ltd. (Edogawa City)

Search Light Japan Co., Ltd. (Edogawa City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2011-11-17
Updated on 2015-3-19
Search Light Japan Co., Ltd. (Edogawa City)
Search Light Japan Co., Ltd., is a venture company that develops and supplies original products, specializing in—as the company name suggests—flashlights and lighting equipment for business use. Through its innovative product development that does not conform to stereotypes, the company serves its customers in solving their lighting-related problems. The following is an excerpt of an interview with President Ken Azuma.

Development of the world’s first 50 WHID light bulb

When I was working for an auto parts manufacturer, I developed the world’s first 50-Watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb. The HID, which emits light via electrical discharges between electrodes in a xenon gas-filled bulb, is brighter, consumes less electricity, and is more durable than conventional halogen light bulbs. A 50W bulb, however, is too bright and thus not suitable for automobiles. Consequently, in 2007, I went independent and founded this company to commercialize the 50W HID bulb in the searchlight field.

A searchlight that can illuminate as far as one kilometer ahead

One of our main products is a portable searchlight. Although it is just 284.5 millimeters in length and weighs only 2.5 kilograms, it can instantly shine as far as one kilometer ahead when it is illuminated with 50W. (It can shine 600 meters ahead when lit up with 30W.) Moreover, when combined with an infrared lens, this searchlight enables us, via black light irradiation, to see inside a car with smoked-glass windows. Footprints can also be seen clearly when using a dust-search lens. Due to these functions, we supply this product mainly to the Japanese Ministry of Defense as well as to police and fire stations. This searchlight is also being used in restoration work for the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant that was damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami.

Development of next-generation light projectors

As for a product in a new area, we developed a next-generation light projector that is used at construction sites, etc. This is a silent, battery-powered light projector that uses our original ceramic metal halide ballast. As for performance, this product successfully achieves an illuminance of 55 lux for 10 meters ahead, while conventional LED projectors create an illuminance of just around 20 lux for the same distance. In addition, our projector makes no noise, and because no power generator is used, there is also no exhaust-gas emission. This helps to resolve the noise problem for nighttime construction, and exhaust gas issues for tunnel construction. Whereas conventional projectors are heavy, weighing around 270 kilograms, have poor portability, our product weighs just 135 kilograms, around half the weight of conventional projectors. We thus have successfully developed a compact projector that can be moved and stored without trouble. We believe that this is an innovative product with important features, including energy efficiency, high projection efficiency, and high portability.

A range of the favorable systems for small companies

This projector was certified for the “Key Technology Industry Group Support Program," which is implemented by the Bureau of Industrial Labor Offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and this program also subsidized the development of this projector. We started development on the basis of an inquiry from our customers involved in railroad construction. We, however, had difficulty in raising development capital. At such a time, we learned of this Tokyo Government support project. We thus successfully developed this product, due to its certification under this program. Tokyo has a range of favorable systems for small companies, which is one of the attractive assets of this city. We are also able to use the facilities of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, inasmuch as our company, unlike large companies, cannot own a facility to conduct illuminance experiments and testing. Tokyo has the resources and business entities necessary to conduct our operations, which is one of the advantages specific to this city.
Address: 2-6-1, 2nd floor, Kitakoiwa, Edogawa City, Tokyo