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Top Voices of Companies Kinzoku Kako Gijyutsu Kenkyusyo Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

Kinzoku Kako Gijyutsu Kenkyusyo Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2011-4-14
Updated on 2015-3-19
Kinzoku Kako Gijyutsu Kenkyusyo Co., Ltd. (Sumida City)
From manufacturing surface treatment agents for plating to development research and business consulting in the filed of surface treatment, Kinzoku Kako Gijutsu Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. has been an expert in surface management technology while keeping a close relationship with local customers. Tamaru Toyama, president, speaks about his company’s unique business operation system.

Establishing a membership system with customers as stockholders

Our company was established in 1948 as local plating businesses came together to invest with an aim to support and develop the plating industry, which was about to be built and grown in Sumida City and surrounding areas. A membership system was established to network customers who were also stockholders. The membership fee then was 5,000 yen, which was about equivalent to a starting salary of junior high school graduates. In other words, each membership represented member’s commitment equally important as one employee of the company. Since then, we have been operating our business basically in the same system (the Metal Chemical Industry Society). As the company is unique in its nature similar to a trade organization, the company has been represented by those who are not related to the founder of the company, including the second and previous president and myself as the third president.

Consulting service specialized in surface treatment

Our business lines include a sale of additive agents and brighteners for surface treatment and plating, which have been developed and manufactured uniquely by our company. We also support our customers by providing consultation services as a surface treatment specialist in a comprehensive range of businesses related to surface treatment, such as liquid management, troubleshooting, process and quality control, various tests, technical guidance, and such. In recent years, types of materials to be treated have diversified from iron to magnesium and resin. Also, it has been our important business themes to explore and develop new technologies that are friendly to the earth and people without using toxic metals and chemicals. When necessary, we receive assistance from neighboring universities and research institutes.

Merits to base in Tokyo where related organizations are gathered

Because of how we were originally founded, we have been based in the Tachibana district, Sumida City since we were first established, including the sales section and R&D section. Being located in central Tokyo where traffic systems and other infrastructures are established helps us stay close to our customers. For us whose mission is to enhance technical capabilities while tightly cooperating with customers, there is no better business environment than what we are in now.
It is also our advantage that we can rent highly-sophisticated development facilities that we could otherwise not afford by ourselves at the Sumida branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute near our office. Currently, we are working on the popularization of nickel-citrate plating under supervision and cooperation of the Research Institute, which is a new technology that the Research Institute has developed and has accumulated basic data. This technology is most characterized by its contribution to the reduction of environmental burdens and is superior in terms of cost and product quality compared to nickel plating technology using watts bath which contains high concentrations of boric acid. We recognize that having access to these latest facilities, technologies and information is one of our major advantages for being located in central Tokyo, where many related organizations and institutions are available nearby. Our project, whose theme is “the establishment of industrial technology for promoting nickel-citrate plating in response to the regulation of boron,” has been officially approved as a key technology industry group support project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs.

Challenging new fields of high value

Most of our customers deal with decorative plating for building materials and metal products that are closely related to our daily living, rather than functional plating for vehicle bodies and such, and that has been the area we have mainly focused on. For the future, we would like to try new fields with high added value, such as aircrafts and rockets, and continue to make effort for the growth of our local customers as we promise as the business goal.
Address: 4-28-22 Tachibana, Sumida City, Tokyo