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Top Voices of Companies Shinwa Print Industry Co., Ltd. (Hachioji City)

Shinwa Print Industry Co., Ltd. (Hachioji City)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2010-1-8
Updated on 2015-3-19
Shinwa Print Industry Co., Ltd. (Hachioji City)
Amid the global trend of the manufacturing industry, Shinwa Print Industry Co. Ltd. has been increasing its profits steadily by limiting its workforce to a small number of elites and concentrating on businesses only in Hachioji since its foundation. I asked Jyunya Amano, Vice President of Sales, and Norio Yamada, Diretor of Mounting Division of the key to their success.

Establishing the current status as a "handy man" of printed-circuit board

We are an engineer group consisting of a very small number of elites, aiming to be a handy man for print wiring boards.
Each and every electric device such as a digital camera, personal computer, and television set has print wiring boards inside. If you look into an electronic device, you'll see a board on which many small parts are mounted - that is a print wiring board.
We have been enjoying a high reputation as a "handy man" in this important filed "print wiring boards".
We are a "handy man". That means we can produce a wide variety of products in small lot and at low cost, and we can also deliver products in a very short time. High quality is also guaranteed using our expertise gained from our 25-year experiences in the manufacturing industry.
We deliver sincere and serious services which are only possible by the fact that our company's workforce consists of a very small number of elites.

Advancing globalization

Shinwa Print Industry started its business in 1982 in Hachioji because our president was familiar with this area.
Some other electronics-related companies and their contractors are located in this area. Therefore, I think this area has many advangates in trading.
However, this industry has also seen substantial globalization. With such a trend strengthening furthermore in future, we must think of good ways to take advantages of locality.

Securing manpower by taking advantage of locality of academic city Hachioji

As I mentioned earlier, amid the advancing globalization in this industry, it may have become more difficult to make a maximum use of advantages in starting a business in this area. However, I can still say that having around 30 universities and collages in this area is one of the advantages of staring a business here in Hachioji, because it offers a possibility to secure superior human resources. Affordable land prices are also another advantage. A number of small and medium-sized enterprises are concentrated in Hachioji and sufficient supports from the municipality are available.

From the viewpoint of our customers

We basically follow the complete made-to-order system. This is because we would like to grasp the true needs of our customers so as to offer the most appropriate products. It is important to always think from the viewpoint of our customers, which is only possible when business are conducted by a small number of elites like our company.
We'd like to continue our operations as a "handyman" in the years to come.
Address: 1487-48 Kawaguchi-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo