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Top Voices of Companies Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Ohta City)

Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Ohta City)

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Created on 2010-1-8
Updated on 2015-6-18
Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Ohta City)
Since its foundation in 1946, Ebina Denka Kogyo has been concentrating on metal plating and developing technology. While developing the state-of-the-art metal plating technology, Ebina Denka Kogyo also works hard to encourage an environmentally-friendly workplace and obtained ISO14001 certification.

Contributing to ecology with metal plating technology

Ebina Denka Kogyo was founded in Omori, Ota City, and since then, we have focused our development in Ota City. Currently, we are contributing to the development of high-tech industry by developing technology for metal plating on the state-of-the-art materials such as engineering plastics and new ceramics.
As a corporation, we aim to contribute to society. We obtained ISO14001 certification for that purpose. When we decided to apply for the certification, some employees voiced their objections, for example, minute classification of waste materials would be troublesome. Today, each and every employee realizes it is extremely important to have the certification for development of a corporation. With the increase of such awareness, much progress has been made to make the working environment clean. We would like to continue contributing to the green effort by tapping the metal plating technology for LED.

Recruiting youth and female workers

Today, companies no longer just sit and wait for clients to give them job .It goes without saying that we have to make efforts to always aim for technological innovation while respecting tradition. At the same time, we would like to work aggressively to develop markets.
It is vital for the future of a company to hire young employees including newly graduated students and to train them so that they can develop new technology or transmit information. Tokyo, with its diverse pool of residents, provides a valuable source of human resources. We would like to ride on the strength of having a base in Tokyo. We also value the ability of women highly, including their thoughtful attention. Currently, about 45% of our employees are women. Young employees and female workers take the lead in achieving a better work environment.

Ota City, an area where business and government ardently deal with "Monozukuri(manufacturing)"

Ota City is the area nationally known for "Monozukuri", which is the largest advantage of having operations here. With many enterprises attractive as business partners at hand, we hold seminars to improve each other's skills. Local government here provides various support to the manufacturing industry such as awards given to 100 craftsmen in Ota City called "Ota-ku Monozukuri Awards for Excellent Skills. The government also assists businesses in exhibiting their products and technology in trade shows. We hope the Ota Municipal and the Tokyo Metropolitan Governments work harder to encourage creation of a better environment for manufacturing. We would like to see mutual development of community and businesses by cooperating with each other.

Considering advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in Tokyo

Ota City has good accessibility. It is close to Haneda and Shinagawa, allowing good access from the rest of Japan. It is within easy access of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and the Tokyo Big Site.
If you are considering having operations or starting a business in Tokyo, it is advisable to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of having operations here before deciding. We welcome those who seek to have valuable businesses in Tokyo to our area of "Monozukuri."
Address: 5-22-13 Higashikouziya, Ohta City, Tokyo