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Top Interview with municipality’s person Corporate location support as part of “Machida Future Development Plan”(Machida City)

Corporate location support as part of “Machida Future Development Plan”(Machida City)

Created on 2017-4-7
Updated on 2017-4-7
Director , Yamanoue Ryo
Economic Tourism Department Industry Tourism Division, Machida City
In 2012, Machida City formulated the basic plan "Machida Future Development Plan" that depicts the vision of a town aiming to be achieved ten years later (2021). The "Machida City Company Location Promotion Project" introduced this time, is a business that started from FY2013 based on this plan. We talked to Ryo Yamanoue Economic Tourism Department Industry Tourism Division regarding a system that was revised in October 2016 to become even more easy to use.

Support for company location with two types of subsidies: "Type 1" and "Type 2"

Machida City Hall
The subsidy obtained from the "Machida City Company Location Promotion Project" will be provided to newly located companies in Machida City or to companies that expand their scale by establishing an extension, etc. This system features two types of set-up subsidies: "Type 1" which provides various tax equivalent amount for a specified fiscal year, and "Type 2" which provides 1/20 of the equivalent to the amount of money spent for the acquisition of land and buildings, and the subsidy amount is as follows.

[Type 1]
● In the case of a new establishment :
Total amount of property tax, city planning tax and business tax during 5 years (maximum: 60 million yen)
● In the case of expansion :
The amount equivalent to 1/2 of the total amount of property tax, city planning tax, and business tax during 3 years (maximum: 30 million yen)

[Type 2] (Only for new companies)
● In the case of an acquisition :
The amount equivalent to 1/20 of the fixed capital amount (upper limit: factory etc. 200 million yen, office 60 million yen)
● In the case of a rent :
The amount equivalent to 1/5 of the 12 months worth monthly rent (excluding common expenditures etc.) (upper limit: factory etc. 30 million yen, office 20 million yen)

“We have revised the system to promote attraction on a wider range. I think that it has become easier to use for business operators. We will also implement more efforts as a city since the Machida Future Development Plan has also entered into its second term from FY2017.”

The various charms of Machida City allow you to have "proximity between home and workplace"

Aerial picture of Machida Station surroundings
Machida City has many attractions for companies thinking about location.
The first is good transportation access, as the city it is a hub of logistics and transportation with the Tomei Expressway Yokohama Machida IC, Route 16, 246, and others running through it. In addition, railway network is also available with the Odakyu Line, the JR Yokohama Line, the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, and the Keio Sagamihara Line, and by using these, it is possible to have access to the center of Tokyo and Yokohama City in 30 to 40 minutes. The central urban area centered around Machida Station is a commercial area with department stores as well as fashion buildings, and it is visited by many people from outside the city.
It is also attractive in terms of living. Satoyama and rural landscapes remain in the hilly area on the northern part of the city, and although it is Tokyo, it offers lush greenery. In addition, residential areas are spreading all throughout the city, and there is plenty of support for child rearing such as the "Regional Child Care Consultation Center", "My Nursery School System" and other facilities.
“If factories and offices are located in Machida City, I think that the benefits for employees are also huge, such as easy commuting or convenient shopping. Machida City is suitable for business also from the point of view that there is ‘proximity between home and workplace’, and it is a town where you can achieve a way of working that allows good life-work balance.”

Also supporting the entrepreneurs who graduated from the "Machida Business Development Agency"

The Machida Business Development Agency(5-minute walk from Machida Sta.)
Following the above mentioned system revision implemented in 2016, the "Founder Location Assistance Subsidy" available for startup companies was newly established. The "Machida Business Development Agency" which opened in April 2013 represents the core facility of entrepreneurship and company founding in Machida City.
Three staff, including an incubation manager, are stationed at the agency which offers support for entrepreneurs with a focus on innovation and originality, and also provides one-stop hands-on support in counseling on issues for small and medium enterprises located in the city.

Business Incubation Floor (2F)
The second floor is an incubation floor, where you can find incubation rooms available for individuals or corporations before their establishment or within 5 years since establishment (private room can be used by 3 to 5 people) and individual booths available for rent with a price that differs according to the number of chairs. The subsidy will be provided to company founders who transfer their
Business Incubation Room
company to the city through business expansion, after staying for over a year in the incubation room, with an amount that goes up to 5 million yen when land and buildings are acquired, and in the case of rental, the upper limit is 900,000 yen.
This facility is highly popular, as “although the incubation room is not readily available, it is still possible get into the individual booths. There are many people stepping up from the individual booth to the incubation room.”

Businesses with a high level in innovation and originality created by entrepreneurs who will leave the nest from here will be stimulating the revitalization of Machida City.
Machida City
Economic Tourism Department Industry Tourism Division

[The Machida Business Development Agency]