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Top Interview with municipality’s person Hino Town Planning Section Promotion Division

Hino Town Planning Section Promotion Division

Created on 2016-3-18
Updated on 2017-4-18
Yoshiki Motoyama (left), Chief of Hino City Regional Strategy Office, and Yukio Yako(right), Assistant Manager of Hino City Town Planning Section Promotion Division
Hino Town Planning Section Promotion Division
Hino City has a history of thriving with mutual beneficiaries of industries and towns, having long been accommodating offices, plants and research laboratories of many firms. Introduced here are “Value Co-Creation Portal,” an effort for companies and government to collaborate more than ever, and “Company Location Support Program,” a scheme backing up resident firms.

Value Co-creation Portal, a “window” through which companies and government become partner across industries

First of all, Value Co-creation Portal established in April, 2015.
“Challenges caused by changes in the society such as low birth rate and aging population, falling population and old infrastructure have been becoming more serious and complicated year by year. On the other hand, the government resources are such limited as getting more difficult to strive with these issues only by itself. On this background, the value co-creation portal was initiated based on a slogan “Centralize all power” advocated by Hino City Mayor Fuyuhiko Otsubo. It not only plays a role of a “window” through which companies and government become partner across industries but also have functions to wholly coordinate various accommodations and execution of collaborated works. The target for companies and government is to collaborate and co-work together through this portal, building win-win relationships. The government is able to enhance services and living quality of citizens while companies find new business opportunities.
This kind of effort appears to be the first among Tama Area governments.
“Previously, a company hoping collaboration with government was not able to achieve the goal as they didn’t know which sections they should consult with. Also on the government side, there were no clear rules on who to work in these instances or how to promote collaborations, which invited a voice there should be one-stop solutions helping collaborate with companies, universities, and NPOs and so forth. This is the background of setting up the portal,” says Motoyama.
Hino City is currently making 3 strategies; each aims to “balance population structures and keep residents in the City,” “promote industry locations and secure employment” and “enhance healthcare/wellness.”
“We will eventually solicit for proposals in line with purposes and substances of the 3 strategies, but currently any proposals regardless of genres are welcomed as these strategies were fixed just recently. Company sizes or locations are not questioned either. We are expecting helpful proposals for government, companies and ultimately citizens,” says Motoyama.

Hino City has been working on vitalizing the region, tying up with companies in the City and its vicinity. The photo is for a press conference of “TOYODA BEER Project,” a co-work undergoing with Ishikawa Brewery Co. Ltd. to reproduce the oldest beer in Tama Area.

”Company Location Support Program” paying back fixed asset tax, etc.

A leaflet handed at company visits started from FY2012. Various issues are discussed.
Next topic is ”Company Location Promotion Program.” It is a scheme paying back the same amounts as fixed asset tax and city planning tax as “financial incentives” to the companies, when they make capital investments in the City’s industrial and/or light-industrial districts when they are conformed with certain requirements.
“We have ‘Company Location Incentives’ paying the same amounts as fixed asset taxes to be paid for 3 to 5 fiscal years and city planning tax in the cases of building new plants/offices or expanding facilities, etc. “Incentives for building industry creation facilities” pay the same amounts as 5 year fixed asset tax and city planning tax in the cases of building new research laboratories or venture support facilities, etc. or expanding. Please ask for details as we also have other incentives,” says Yako.
Hino City offers not only these incentives but careful follow-ups so that companies can continue operations stably.
“Trying to build visible relationships, we started visiting companies in FY2012 and have been discussing various issues and worries. Topics are on developing sales channels and extending new business, for example, due to aging, recently advice for difficulties in business succession is increasing. Since business succession issues are expected to become more serious, we sponsor educational program Hino Jyuku (school) for managers, to be succeeding or already succeeded business, as they are responsible for next generation, “says Yako.
New added-value industries and comfortable citizen life seem to be expected to grow in the City through its efforts in promoting companies and government to coexist and co-prosper.
Hino Town Planning Section Promotion Division
2-5-1, Tamadaira, Hino-shi, Tokyo