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Top Interview with municipality’s person Industry Activation Promotion Office, Hamura City Hall

Industry Activation Promotion Office, Hamura City Hall

Created on 2016-3-4
Updated on 2017-7-26
Industry Activation Promotion Office, Hamura City Hall

Hamura City, or Hamura-shi, prepares a variety of support menus for companies and businesses in the City in order to encourage their activities. It also proactively works on fine corporate support activities after launching the “Corporate Support Desk of Industry Activation Promotion Office” made up of specialists within the Office in April 2003, which has proved very effective. We interviewed Ayumu Hirata of the Office.

Staffs with deep experience

The Corporate Support Desk of Industry Activation Promotion Office is served by 7 members: 3 small and medium enterprise (SME) management consultants, 1 master of business administration (MBA), 1 from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 2 City officials. Each staff has deep knowledge and experience.
Our supports include “individual assistances” such as financial consultation, management counselling/ diagnosis and tie-up coordination (such as business matching and introducing counterparts) and “expert dispatching” where specialists best suitable for intrinsic issues/tasks are sent to each company concerned. "Supports for enhancing technical capabilities and human resources” subsidized half of employee training costs (up to \200,000 yen a year), which expired on March 31, 2015. As for financial assistance, an example is the City aids 0.8%, or half the interest rate 1.6%, for loans SME need for capital expenses and the likes (up to working capital \10 million and capex \30 million, etc.) Newly added on April 1, 2010 was the support menu subsidizing 0.96%, or 6/10 of the 1.6%, for environment conscious businesses. Also prepared is a variety of support systems such as hosting seminars and helping build websites.

Company visits totaling 4,684 times

Our characteristic feature of support activities is that we are not waiting companies coming to us for consultation but proactively making unsolicited calls. This is because we are willing to scoop up their requests without busy managers visiting the City Hall. Our staffs visit companies in the City to ask their needs and respond to individual cases. These visits had totaled 4,684 times by March 31, 2009. We occasionally help them get businesses, which are particularly appreciated. Also, seminars we host upon requests are well received such that attenders say they were able to participate in useful seminars without a long trip to central Tokyo.

Supports cared for businesses bearing fruits

We have kept in mind supports cared for businesses by respecting “their points of view.” We have worked on fine supports for local entities such as building company websites and publicizing corporate information on cable TVs. We also make efforts in spotting vacant lands and factories by visiting actual places in order to help providing information about operation sites. We are now eyeing on tie-ups with other municipals on the Ome Line as well as collaboration among industries, academia and public sectors.
Thanks to these efforts, we successfully attracted 4 companies and another 2 are now on the list. We wish City’s industries to vitalize further, developing into an industrial base akin to an industrial park.

Also welcoming new small business

For a company newly starting businesses in the City, Hamura provided a financial incentive equivalent to a depreciation amount of the fixed asset tax incurred under its “Initiative Promoting to Attract Companies” (for 3 years, expired on March 31, 2015). Other than this, we do a variety of supports for businesses. With convenience close to the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway, there should be much potential with a variety of businesses already running in the City. Small businesses are also highly welcomed. Stay with us and we will work on fine supports for you.

Address: 5-2-1, Midorigaoka, Hamura-shi, Tokyo (City Hall West Annex)
Phone: +81-42-555-1111