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Top Interview with municipality’s person Ome City coming up with "Attracting & Supporting Enterprise Measures"

Ome City coming up with "Attracting & Supporting Enterprise Measures"

Created on 2016-3-4
Updated on 2017-7-26
Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Environment Economic Division, Ome City

The Ome area has become logistically more convenient after the completion of the entire Metropolitan Inter‐City Expressway (Kenou-do) in 2014. The City at this timing laid out a new regulation to attract enterprises as is introduced below. We interviewed Assistant Manager Fujii and Chief Ono of the Desk regarding the details and support conditions of the regulation.

Becoming more convenient after the entire completion of Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway in 2014

Ome City, or Ome-shi, once thriving with textile industries, is now characterized by a variety of makers supplying many manufacturers with crucial products rarely seen by end-users such as mending tapes used for fixing IC chips on precision equipment parts and X-ray receiving components. It could be advantages for these companies to stay and keep running operations in the Ome area for such reasons as they have Tokyo addresses and also land prices are relatively attractive. There is even a company having a meaningful global market share out of Ome. Also, the Mitsuhara Industrial Park, being already convenient as it is just in front of the Ome Interchange, must appeal even more logistical advantages after the entire opening of the Kenou-do which connects to the Chuo Highway, the Tomei Expressway and the Kanetsu Expressway.

The "Investment Promotion Act" newly launched

We, as the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, launched the “Investment Promotion Act” in April 2012 and started company supports in various ways, taking advantage of the entire opening of the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway. We intend to embrace as many needs as possible by flexibly responding without setting many restrictions. As for details of supports, we prepared 3-year long cash back measures for fixed asset taxes and city planning taxes and “manufacture supports” which subsidize expenses associated with new product developments, applications for ISO and patents and training human resources. We are doing these activities aiming to offer best solutions through discussions for those visiting our Department at the beginning.

Ideal work-life balance expected to realize

The Ome region is blessed with beautiful nature environment, with convenient access to downtown Tokyo either by car or railway. Not only for business purposes, it is best suitable for employee welfare. Especially for families with children, it should be a comfortable place to live. Currently, many houses are being built for sale around the Park, which leads us to believe young employees can easily imagine their life designs for the future and materialize ideal work-life balance thanks to the location. The Park keeps deep communications with local residents such as holding the "Mitsuhara Industrial Festival" every 2 years. We believe anyone can comfortably start businesses in our networks full of warm humanities.

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