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Kita-City Region’s Development Division Industry Promotion Desk

Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2017-7-26
Kita-City Region’s Development Division Industry Promotion Desk

The City is popular as an office location among small/ medium companies, or SMEs, partly for its convenient access to the center of Tokyo, accommodating a wide range of industries, namely printing, textiles, chemicals and medicines. The Promotion Desk is an organization working on various measures, aiming to provide necessary supports for a wide range of companies.

Professionals advising individual companies on technological and marketing channel expansion issues

The city provides indirect supports for companies’ R&D activities, aiming to assist manufacturers comprehensively. In fiscal 2012, we offered advice to Desk visitors as well as visiting individual companies after joined by 2 technical consultants and 2 channel expansion coordinators. We also offer business consulting with our 4 management advisers and support building company websites. More than 500 (accumulated) manufacturers visit us for advice every year. Advisers are not simply consulting with individual companies but trying to promote them to co-work if that satisfies each company’s needs.

Publishing a database of City’s manufacturers

In addition, we launched a "Manufacturer Support Site" to facilitate business-to-business networks. Companies registered/ published on the database counted about 130 as of April 2012 and increased to some 250 as of January 2015, which we continue to work on for further growth.
While top managers at SMEs tend to keep problems inside, they could benefit from certain subsidies or resolve problems through collaboration with others if they come to us. In fact, we are trying to call and communicate with companies on the database even with no requests from them.

Cooperation projects with universities

We are also proactively trying to build cooperative frameworks with universities. Such comprehensive agreements were signed with Tokyo Kasei University in 2010, Toyo University in 2011 and Teikyo University in 2012.
Furthermore, Kita-City has conducted various initiatives through cooperation with a wide range of research institutions including universities aforementioned and neighboring cities. We will also be co-working with Toyo University’s Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts after its planned move to Akabanedai in FY17. Many companies feel it very difficult to do joint R&D activities with universities/institutions, but our initiatives should hopefully remove these hurdles.

Any problems? Come to us first and we could be a bridge to Tokyo or the central government

We would like to deepen our supports to individual companies by one more step.
We would be happy if you think “the first contact = the City”, as we understand many SMEs with some problems don’t know where to go. This year, the City enriched support menus but please remember even unqualified resident companies for these supports or subsidies could still have a chance to get some supports from Tokyo or the central government. We may be obliged to introduce other agencies upon talks with you but we will make our best to be a good bridge to them. If our companies can step up by using various support systems and/or subsidies offered by the City, Tokyo or the central government, it would be more than happy for us.

URL: (Kita-ku, manufacturer support site)
Address: 11F Hoku Topia, 1-11-1, Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-5390-1234