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Top Interview with municipality’s person Suginami "Industrial Promotion Center"

Suginami "Industrial Promotion Center"

Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Suginami Industry Promotion Center SME support desk

Suginami City, populated by some 550,000 residents, has developed as one of the prominent residential areas among the Tokyo 23 citys. It is also known as a district rich in each characteristic culture oozing from 4 stations on the JR Chuo Line which crosses the central part of the City east to west. Industries cultivated in such an area are mainly commercial and service oriented, but at the same time intellectual industries including ICT and animation have also been accumulating. We interviewed SME support assistant manager Shigemi Tamura of Suginami Industrial Promotion Center.

Majority of commercial and service industries targeting residents

Suginami City is very popular for its excellent living environments with its wide-spread quiet residential areas close to the center of Tokyo. As such, City’s principal industries used to be commercial and service oriented including retailers, restaurants, real-estates and care services. While not dense with manufacturers, recent characteristic trend is intellectual industries, including information communication technologies (ICTs) and animation, are also accumulating and growing. Suginami City has plotted out the Suginami Comprehensive Plan to tackle with industry promotions based on these unique features. The plan aims to increase the number of workers employed by city entities through job interview meetings, from 31 in fiscal 2010 to 130 and 500 in 3 and 10 years respectively.

Major initiatives for industry developments

The main initiatives include:
① Infrastructure developments aimed for industry promotion
Accelerate industry developments by setting up the "Industrial Promotion Center" which accommodates offices of both the City and related bodies* on the same floor in order for them to co-work and cooperate closely. The center is located at the Ogikubo district, City’s largest transport hub, for convenient access.
* Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suginami branch, Suginami Shopping Mall Promotion Associations Federation/ Suginami Merchant Associations Federation and Suginami Industry Association

② Employee support/ start-up support
The Suginami Employment Support Center assists the working generation who are willing to work but have few opportunities. In addition, by setting up a start-up support facility "Asagaya Kick-off / Office" with consultants staffed, we support entrepreneurs who start up leading-edge urban businesses fitted to our residential towns and having market potentials, such as those in information communication, art, environment, research and development, welfare/ care services and living-related categories.

③ Promoting to vitalize shopping malls based on regional characteristics
We support vitalizing shopping malls with unique features such as Koenji - a town of rock and old clothes with a seasonal tradition Awa Odori (dance) in summer, Asagaya - featured by a summer festival Tanabata and autumn event Jazz Street, Ogikubo – with ramen noodles and music festivals, and Nishiogikubo – dense with antique shops.

④ Promoting anime industry and creating excitement
We are working on measures to grow anime creators and vitalize shopping malls by exploiting our feature: accumulating anime industry. Meanwhile, we produced "Namisuke", a Yuru-Chara (mascot character), which is contributing to PR for the City.

Promoting "face-to-face" networks

We wish to build atmospheres where everyone proactively communicates while working hard each other through face-to-face networks. One of the measures to promote this is for the Asagaya Kick-off / Office to allow admission to the facility only for those applicants who intend to stay within the region after “graduation”.
Through these measures, we will continue to promote industry developments, again taking advantage of the region’s unique features.

Address: 2F Integral Tower 1-2-1, Kamiogi, Suginami-ku
Phone: +81-3-5347-9077