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Top Interview with municipality’s person Metropolitan Innovation Centre And Network (MICAN) (Shinagawa City)

Metropolitan Innovation Centre And Network (MICAN) (Shinagawa City)

Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Metropolitan Innovation Centre And Network (MICAN)

Metropolitan Innovation Centre And Network (MICAN) is an industry support facility for small/medium-sized enterprises and individuals extending to the Tokyo metropolitan area. MICAN offers space and services for their activity bases in the area, such as rental offices/conference rooms and others. We interviewed Mayumi Yago of Teable Co., Ltd. (Tiburu), a Shizuoka Prefecture-based venture company which operates the facility.

Supporting companies hesitating to enter Tokyo from high costs

There are many Shizuoka-based firms wishing to set up Tokyo sales offices but has had difficulties due to high costs for rents and others. In order to meet their needs, the "Metropolitan Innovation Centre And Network MICAN" was established in December 2007 under the cooperation from Shizuoka’s industry support organizations, Shizuoka Bank, and Hamamatsu-based small/medium-sized companies and universities. The facility accommodates 11 living rooms (each about 6m2) for individuals, 6 shared booths, multi-purpose space and 2 conference rooms (up to 10 people each). These can be used for marketing activities, advertising recruit information, boosting ties with central bodies and gateways to co-work with other regions. Located at 2 minute walk away from the Oimachi Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line (13 minutes from Tokyo Station), it offers convenience.

Good reputation for its easiness to use

MICAN had contracts as of Feb 2010 with 27 companies (including 2 ex-Shizuoka firms) such as manufacturers, IT-related and service oriented firms. The facility is highly appreciated due to its convenient access enabling easy meeting arrangements, document updates/printing and efficient use of idle time. Other merits are also cited, including more frequent meetings with people thanks to convenient business trips and enhanced company images due to their being facility members. While some companies left the facility for further growths, others are looking to stay here for future developments. Take advantage of the facility in line with each firm’s growth pace.
Promoting communication among member companies or between members and metropolitan firms is another important aim for us. We organize communication parties and matching events which are valuable occasions to exchange information and sometimes lead to actual businesses at the same time. We continue to make efforts to support companies in various ways. It would be fortunate if we can stimulate both local and Tokyo industries through growths of many companies via the Centre.

Also welcoming ex-Shizuoka firms

We cherish spirits of challenge for further developments, beyond operations in Tokyo as well. We believe it is worth trying in Tokyo even on some costs should there be reasonable demand expected by objective studies. Even for the firms yet having clear visions, new developments could be found just by participating in our communication parties. We hope this facility to help these firms take their first step.
Some of our shared booths are currently available while individual rooms are already full. Any companies, whether Shizuoka-based or not, aiming to make a step forward in Tokyo and interested in using this space are welcomed. Please feel free to inquire us.

Address: 1-6-3, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo