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Top Interview with municipality’s person SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City

SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City

Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2017-11-27
SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City

A new line of the Tsukuba Express started its operation in August 2005. Adachi City, that had a good traffic access, improved its access more with the new line. In April 2012 Tokyo Denki University opened its new campus in Kita-Senju, which brought more students in the town, which has become a very vigorous town. We interviewed Hisako Taniguchi, SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City regarding the initiatives supporting SMEs by Adachi City.

Manufacturing Support Subsidies to support management improvements of the manufacturing sector

Overall economy has been recovering in Japan, while many SMEs in Adachi City are slow in recovering. Due to the entry by Tokyo Denki University, more number of companies have started business-academia collaboration businesses, which triggers some developments. Many companies, however, are stagnant in business developments. Adachi City, therefore, implements various initiatives to activate SMEs in difficulty and support start-ups.
Adachi City is a region with many factories, and it formulated a system of “Subsidies for Supporting Monozukuri (Manufacturing).” Under this system an applicant should develop a management improving plan, such as for developing a new product, entering a new business field, and expanding sales channels, and the City will subsidize the expenses for implementing the plan. We will subsidize up to \450,000, the half of expenses subject to the subsidy, or up to \600,000, two thirds of the expenses in case you utilize the companies located in the City.
It should be noted that this subsidy system is also subject to Certified Farmers, which is unique to Adachi City.

Following from developing a plan, to implementing and completing it

Under this subsidy system, we considered a user-friendly application form so that SMEs can more easily utilize the system. For example, you can streamline your business plan by filling the form step-by-step, such as "status quo," "solving clues," and "new initiatives." You can use this form for a basis for getting a loan from financial institution, and/or challenging the management innovation plan implemented by the country.
If you even find a difficulty in preparing an application form, small business consultants or Matching Creators of Adachi Industrial Center help you. They not only assist you, but support you consistently from developing a plan, implanting and completing it, which is a feature of the system.

※Photo: Adachi Industry Center

Rich in support initiatives to boost start-ups

As for supporting start-ups we have such initiatives as "Founding Plan Contests" and "Start-Up Support Facilities."

For the Founding Plan Contests we ask for submitting a business plan, targeting at the persons preparing business foundation, or the persons managing companies in less than five years, and give an award to those excellent. For the awarded business plans, their implementation status should be evaluated. Excellent operators can receive another subsidy up to \2 million, or the half of subject expenses.
As for the Start-Up Support Facilities, Kakehashi was launched in Senju Asahicho in December 2011, in addition to Kagayaki in Senju 1-chome, and Habataki in Senju Nakacho, which will be re-opened around December 2012 after enhancing its earthquake protection. Tokyo Denki University operates Kakehashi, which Adachi City subsidizes as a collaboration business. Kakehashi has not only a function of “incubation offices” and “shared offices” which you can rent cheaply, but a function in which incubation managers consult you on industry-university collaborations with Tokyo Denki University and management issues. We offer a full range of financing schemes for start-ups, please come to Adachi City when you consider establishing a new company.

※Photo: A Start-Up Support Facility, Kakehashi
Address: 1-5-7, Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo