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Top Interview with municipality’s person Total Matching Business by Adachi City

Total Matching Business by Adachi City

Created on 2016-3-2
Updated on 2017-11-27
SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City

Even with various support measures conducted by public governments conduct, it’s meaningless if they cannot reach to the companies needing them. The Total Matching Business by Adachi City was launched in April 2008 as a business to connect the governments’ support measures and small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs. It has been appreciated by busy management, who says "I am surprised by this support project," or "I’m helped by supports at business sites." We interviewed Hisako Taniguchi, Chief of Business Start-Up Support Unit, SME Support Department, Industry and Economy Division, Adachi City regarding the history of business establishment and detailed lineup of supports.

Connecting SMEs with administrative services by aggressive supports

The Total Matching Business is a system, in which business executives of SMEs can consult with our professional staff, Matching Creators, on various problems they have, and we, the local government, offer the support initiatives we develop and the information the City has accumulated for free. Our support lineup includes: consultations on financing, management, market development, introduction of placers/receivers of orders, holding of seminars and workshops (some of them are charged), and supports for establishment and management.
The biggest feature is that Matching Creators go to the sites of SMEs. Adachi City opened Adachi Industrial Center as a new industrial base in 2006. Its awareness, however, didn’t rise. Then, an aggressive business development was initiated, in which Matching Creators move aggressively, but not just wait

※Photo: Adachi Industrial Center

Matching Creators having rich experiences and high motivations

Five Matching Creators operate currently. Everyone is a professional with a qualification(s), such as for small and medium-sized enterprise consultant, who has accumulated experiences in various fields. They all have high motivations like: “I want to help SMEs in Adachi City,“ or ” I’d like to activate companies.” They actively visit the companies that have not contacted the governments in order to support their product development using the subsidy system, or to promote great products in- and outside the City, which they found by themselves and got certificates as Adachi Brand. These are one of their achievements.

※Photo: Matching Creators

"Please freely consult with us."

An original product manufactured by of Yazaike Welfare Work Place in Adachi City, Watashi-no-Sekken (My Soap), which additive-free and color free, is one of the achievements. Adachi-no-Sato (Adachi Village), that runs the Work Place, has manufactured soaps, but has a trouble in expanding sales channels. The Matching Creator who received the consultation, made an advice on package designing, which led to a development of attractive product. Also for developing sales channels he supported sales activities extended to large-sized retailers. The packages, for example, were printed at a "volunteer price" through negotiating with Adachi City Printing Union. Matching Creators are the professionals who utilize the networks Adachi City has, consider support initiatives standing at the viewpoint of business managers, and make actions. Please freely consult with our Matching Creators.

※Photo: Original product "Watashi-no-Sekken (My Soap)"
Adachi Industrial Center
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