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Top Interview with municipality’s person Industrial Revitalization Unit, Management Support Department, Trade and Industry Division, Arakawa City

Industrial Revitalization Unit, Management Support Department, Trade and Industry Division, Arakawa City

Created on 2016-3-1
Updated on 2016-3-1
Industrial Revitalization Unit, Management Support Department, Trade and Industry Division, Arakawa City

Of Tokyo’s 23 Cities, Arakawa is the No.2* City in terms of the integration density ratio for the number of business establishments, i.e. the number of business establishments of the manufacturing industry against that of all industries. It has developed as a “Town of Manufacturing Industry” where diverse industries integrate. The City launched the MACC Project for the purpose of building Arakawa City’s Industrial Cluster in fiscal 2006.

*Note: Based on 2012 Economic Census

Building a “Visible Network” among industries, governments and academia

The MACC Project is named after the initials of Monozukuri Arakawa City Cluster. That, as its name, is a project that Arakawa is promoting to support new business developments related to the Manufacturing in Arakawa City.
Currently highly-motivated 90 or more companies mainly in the manufacturing industry participate in the Project, while we build the “Visible Network” in which industries, governments and academia are connected each other for the industries in Arakawa City. The organizations include Tokyo Metropolitan University and Yamagata University’s Faculty of Engineering (Arakawa Satellite) that are located in Arakawa City, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology that is connected with Tsukuba Express, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN, and Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center and Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.
As a result, we aim to build a framework in which a variety of ideas are brought together based on the trust relationship, and form the Arakawa City’s Industrial Cluster to create new business opportunities.

Professional coordinators involving with one-stop problem solving

Mainly four professional coordinators promote the Project. They are the professionals in various fields, including technology management, creation of new products and new businesses, innovative management, sales channels development, and personnel and labor administration, and they, as “family doctors,” engage in one-stop problem solving in a wide range of fields, from management consulting, product development to market development. Also in the Project, we hold MACC Forums where people involved gather to offer opportunities for matching participants, and subcommittee activities, including the meetings of younger generation managers of participating enterprise members and study groups with specific themes.
We applied the activities under the Project with the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Subsidy Business to Integrate/Create Creative Urban Industries,” and the activities were adopted as the subsidy businesses. We promote the following 5 items under the Business: ① subsidizing expenses related to studies and researches by Tokyo Metropolitan University and others, which will contribute to the urban industrial development and regional problem solving; ② subsidizing expenses joint/contract researches in which companies develop new products in cooperation with universities and research institutes; ③ subsidizing free technical consultations/directions by professors of Yamagata University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Denki University and Toyo University; ④ subsidizing utilization charges of research institutes, including Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute; ⑤ Free dispatch of professionals, including patent attorneys, production management personnel and designers, in case of difficult projects that expert staff cannot handle by themselves.

Extremely high traffic convenience

Already a number of new products are created by the activities of the Project. Some products have already attracted attentions, such as ones featured in TV shows. We look forward to future sales expansion. In Arakawa City, we have 10 railway lines, including JR Line, Tokyo Metro, Toei Streetcar (Toden) Arakawa Line, and Narita Sky Access Line, which offer extremely high traffic convenience. In the City, more than 2,000 offices, mainly in the manufacturing industry, are integrated, and there is an environment in which you can perform business activities with collaborating each other. By promoting the MACC Project, we hope to enhance its attractiveness more.
Industrial Revitalization Unit, Management Support Department, Trade and Industry Division, Arakawa City
URL: 2-2-3, Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3803-2311