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Top Interview with municipality’s person A local independent administrative institution, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)

A local independent administrative institution, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)

Created on 2016-2-24
Updated on 2017-7-26
Based on the slogan of "TIRI growing with its customers" TIRI offers high-quality technical assistance that meet clients’ needs, and back up competitiveness of products and technologies of small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, in Tokyo.

The person in charge:
Kensuke Kawarada, Head of Administration Planning Section, Management and Planning Department

The technical support base for SMEs located in Tokyo

Photo: External view of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI)
While the environment surrounding SMEs keeps changing with technological innovation and globalization of the economy, quick and effective supports for new technical issues have been required.

TIRI is a research institute, which was established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to provide a wide range of technical assistance with SMEs in Tokyo. In October 2011 a new head office was opened in the coastal district.

In the first half of fiscal 2014, TIRI received a large number of requests, including 65,000 in Technical Consultation, its main business, 72,000 in Testing, and 65,000 in Equipment Sharing. The Institute has therefore become a reassuring presence for SMEs.

Services for technical assistance

Photo: LED optical property testing
Technical consultation and request are in the highest demand. In the Technical Consultation Service, experts in a wide range of fields, including information/electronics, materials/chemicals, manufacturing technology, environment/energy saving, design/engineering and productization assisting technology, are in charge of consultations.

In the Testing Service, you can evaluate product performance and/or analyze materials; you can acquire performance certificates; or you can implement non-standard and complex testing. Responding to the various needs of enterprises, we implement high-quality test measurements and analyses. We also give technical advices based on test results.

In the Made-to-Order Testing Service, we respond to individual testing needs, including analyses/evaluations not defined in the technical standards, such as JIS. We also respond to the issues for business sites, such as factories and offices, with the Visiting Consultation Service.

TIRI Brand Testing Service creating new values

Photo: Acoustic testing in anechoic chamber
TIRI strengthens technical services in distinguishing technical fields and the testing business, which are positioned as TIRI Brand.

One of distinguishing technical assistance projects, for example, is the high-voltage test of arresters. By applying high voltage technology, and to improve the basic insulation technology for electric/electronic equipment manufactured by SMEs, we back up highly value-added manufacturing.

In addition, TIRI is the only public test & research institute that supports the field of "sound" comprehensively. Having a reverberation chamber, a coupled reverberation room, an anechoic chamber, and a semi-anechoic chamber, it offers higher quality technical supports.

"’Brand Testing’ covers the following 10 areas. For each area state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are equipped with, and specialists in each field support you. For your high-quality and high-value-added manufacturing; and for responding to the issues related to R & D and technologies, please take advantage of Brand Testing of TIRI," Kawarada says.
Photo: AC high-voltage generating equipment for high-voltage testing
Acoustic test
High-voltage test
Lighting test
Non-destructive X-ray test
Glass technology
Environment antifungal test
Radiation test
High-speed communication test
Plating, painting composite test
Optical characteristic measurement technology

Services for product development support

Photo: Environmental testing equipment in use
In the Equipment Sharing Service, TIRI has various state-of-the-art test equipment, which must be the top class in Japan, and you can use the equipment by yourselves. "Please use us as a laboratory of your company for prototyping, measuring and analyzing products and materials. We can show you how to use the equipment and how to read the test data," said Kawarada.

In the Made-to-order Development Support Service, our researchers serve technical assistances to respond to strong needs for designing, prototyping and evaluating for product commercialization, and to solve technical issues.

In addition, we support advanced product development for the following sectors; Advanced Analysis and Development Sector, Robotics Development Sector, System Design Sector, and Engineering Validation Sector.

Photo: An industrial robot of the Robotics Development Sector

Services for Industrial Human Resource Development, Cooperation and Collaboration for Industry, and Support for Technology Manag

Photo: View of Tokyo Innovation Hub
For developing industrial human resources, we hold Technical Seminars for responding to new technologies, industry trends, and internationalization, and Practical Courses (charged) which combine lectures and practical trainings. In the Cooperation among Industries, Universities and Public Institutes Business, to solve technical issues that enterprises face, professional coordinators research and collect technical information of enterprises, universities, and public research institutions, and they conduct consultations, supports and mediations related to cooperation. In addition, in the Academic Societies Cooperation Business, we hold technical workshops and seminars in cooperation with academic institutes/associations, while supporting cross-industrial association. As a place of association support for SMEs, we locate the Tokyo Innovation Hub. We hold seminars, association meetings and exhibitions to promote industry-university-government collaborations among SMEs, universities, academic institutes/ associations and research institutes.
TIRI has Tama Techno Plaza, Joto Branch, Sumida Branch and Jonan Branch, in addition to the Head Office in the new Tokyo waterfront subcenter (6 bases including Bangkok from 2015).

In 2013, the Human Life Technology Development Sector opened in the Sumida Branch. Furthermore in 2014, the Robotics Development Sector was established in the Head Office, and a SME support business for develop service robots. Also in 2014, we newly established the Laboratories for Advanced Measurements and Manufacturing in the Jonan Branch. The Laboratories are equipped with 24 models—6 models are newly introduced—of advanced measurement/processing equipment, which are required in such industries as aerospace and medical.

In the future, we will enhance to support development-oriented SMEs that enter the market with their own technologies and products. We also focus on supporting “Monozukuri (Manufacturing) to win the world" that aggressively expands into overseas markets. TIRI will strongly backup all enterprises seeking new challenges in Tokyo
A local independent administrative institution, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Address: 2-4-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Phone: +81-3-5530-2111 (representative)