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Top Interview with municipality’s person Economic Affairs Department, Inhabitant Division, Bunkyo City

Economic Affairs Department, Inhabitant Division, Bunkyo City

Created on 2016-2-18
Updated on 2017-4-18
Economic Affairs Department, Inhabitant Division, Bunkyo City

Many small and medium enterprises, or SMEs, collect in Bunkyo City, or Bunkyo-ku. Major players are the companies related to printing and bookbinding industries, which accounts for 90 percent of the shipping value of manufacturing sector in the city, and medical equipment related companies, which accounts for some 60 percent in Tokyo metropolitan area. Medical Town Co., Ltd. was established for activating medical equipment companies, and regarding its activities, we interviewed Yudai Yoshida, Head of Economic Affairs Department, and Yukio Kato, a consultant to subcontractors of Bunkyo City who was in charge of establishment of Medical Town.

For responding to the Revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

Companies which undertake developing, manufacturing and consulting of medical equipment gathered, and supported by Bunkyo City, "Medical Town Activation Workshop" was launched in December 2005.
The new law can be a big hurdle for small- and medium-sized medical equipment firms, and some may be forced out of business. We incorporated the business and enhanced our service contents in 2006 so that we could assist such firms if only a little.

A brand of Hongo, Bunkyo City

Many medical equipment firms have piled up in Hongo, Bunkyo City. This was initiated when "Koishikawa Yojosho" was established here at the time of the 8th Shogun Yoshimune in the Edo Era. In Meiji Era University of Tokyo School of Medicine was opened, and many medical related firms gathered around the university. Hongo, Bunkyo City now is the remnant from the days.
The geographical name of Hongo, Bunkyo City itself has become a brand for medical equipment firms. Many firms desire to locate head offices and/or business offices in this area, even if they cannot locate any factories. In the neighborhood, many universities, including Juntendo University in addition to the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Nippon Medical School, Ochanomizu University and Chuo University, collect, and industry-academia-government collaborations are performed extensively. Only Bunkyo City could attract so many universities.

Future of industries in Bunkyo City

We assume the two-pronged structure, i.e. medical equipment- and printing/bookbinding-related industries should continue. In the medical equipment industry, however, there is an issue of legal regulation, while there is a decrease in paper medium in the printing/bookbinding industry. The both industries are not stable accordingly. We’d like to invite IT-related firms aggressively in the future. We believe that existing firms can find new directions through tie-ups with such IT-related firms.

A town where you can achieve closer workplace and residence

When moving business into another place, your residence should be moved in some cases. Bunkyo City has a lot of green and safe with few busy streets. We therefore believe the town is quite comfortable to live in. Subway and other transportation networks are developed well, which offer excellent convenience.
The city is called as the "Capital of Culture" (Fumi-no-Miyako), where excellent educational institutions, including universities and junior/high schools, exist. In such environment with quality workplaces and residences you can achieve closer workplace and residence circumstances. We welcome you to the attractive Bunkyo City.
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