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Top Interview with municipality’s person Chuo City High-Tech Center (Chuo City)

Chuo City High-Tech Center (Chuo City)

Created on 2016-2-18
Updated on 2016-2-18
Chuo City Department of Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing, Inhabitant Division

Chuo City, or Chuo-ku, where local industries of printing and bookbinding developed from the old days. It is also said that the printing industry among others originated in Chuo City. The ward has 41,000 enterprises, with the 2nd largest number in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and it offers full-range of supports to each enterprise, mainly SMEs. We interviewed Masashi Ito, Unit Head of Chuo City Department of Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing, Inhabitant Division, who is in charge of SMEs support.

A feature is cordialness for financings, including credit guarantee commission.

First, Chuo City issues guide books summarizing the whole promotion business for commerce and industry every other year, as well as brochures introducing in details commerce and industry lending systems every year. These include an introduction of related systems of National and Tokyo Metropolitan Governments. We, therefore, would ask the persons who run businesses or consider new business start-ups in Chuo City to read the materials.
The lending systems in this city prepare various types of financing per purpose, however, the city should assist 2/3 or the full amount of credit guarantee commission for some types (except for the ward financing unified financing of funds). When Tokyo Metropolitan Government subsidizes 1/2 of guarantee commission using its institutional financing system, Management Safety, Chuo City assists the remaining guarantee commission up to the limit of \300,000.
When the economy slows down, the ward assists a part of interest payments as one's interest burden rate of interest can be almost zero, which suggests our system can respond to times and needs at any time.

Well-developed seminars, including Entrepreneur Academy

All kinds of seminars are held for Chuo City resident enterprises, of which more than 96% are SMEs. We offer seminars to the management of SMEs, including Management Seminars which are held 10 times a year with timely themes such as an energy-saving initiatives and overseas expansion of business, New Year Financial Lectures by financial specialists, Website Building Seminars in which you can acquire knowledge in building/altering websites by yourself, Entrepreneur Academy subject to the persons aiming at start-ups, and Cross-Industry Social Meetings with which you can find any clue for management through information sharing.

The city also supports submitting to exhibitions and improving engineering capabilities.

The city also supports various types of subsidies.

The city subsidizes part of contract expenses to be paid to professional website builder(s) when building/altering your website, part of expenses when attending exhibitions at TOKYO BIG SIGHT, for example, to advertise your company, and part of expenses which accrues when your person who has already a certain level of technical capability is to acquire higher technology at a specialized agency.

The City High Tech Center where you can hold trainings and meetings at cheap cost

The center is equipped with training rooms with PCs, meeting rooms and an exhibition hall. It is located in Kyouka Square in Hatchobori as the City High Tech Center. For the purpose of promoting computerization of SMEs, advancing cultivation of human resources and inter-business exchanges, and proceeding with an industrial development, it is used by a lot of enterprises for trainings and meetings. Besides Waseda University Extension Center Hatchobori School and Chuo City Silver Center are the tenants of Kyouka Square.
(Commerce and Industry Business, Chuo-ku)
An address: 1-1-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3546-5487