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Top Interview with municipality’s person A business start-up support facility in TIME24 Building

A business start-up support facility in TIME24 Building

Created on 2016-2-18
Updated on 2016-2-18
A business start-up support facility in TIME24 Building

In 1996 when Tokyo waterfront area had started gaining attentions, this business start-up support facility was launched ahead of the times. We interviewed Masayuki Kusumi, Unit Head of New Business Creation Department of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, or Tokyo SME Support Center, who is in charge of start-up support and administration of the facility. The facility enters a new development phase in its 13-years operational history.

As a pioneer among domestic public facilities

In those days only a few incubation facilities existed in Japan. Under the circumstances Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo SME Support Center streamlined the infrastructure to cultivate motivated founders to activate industries in Tokyo and create employment.

Tokyo SME Support Center is an organization supporting the management of SMEs in Tokyo, providing a wide range of support businesses, such as consulting, holding seminars, developing sales channels and offering subsidies. The facility has supported many residents by actively utilizing the businesses offered by the Center. Among the companies which graduated from the facility, some have grown largely with 20 times larger number of employees.

Tokyo waterfront area maturing as a business district

Offices in the facility are individual incubator offices with a variety of sizes, as well as small offices with partition walls. Residents can select any type per the need as an enterprise and/or the stage of business development. In addition, the 19-story intelligent building has such functions as restaurants and convenience stores. And it is popular as a building located in Tokyo seafront area, which is one of characteristics of the facility.

In addition, at the opening of the facility, means of transportation was only the Yurikamome Line. Now, however, we have the Rinkai Line, and we feel that the area has been more maturing.

Maintenance of the regional industry support base becoming a following wind for venture companies

Universities and research institutions have entered the Tokyo waterfront area, while TOKYO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, an experiment and research institution of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, has been established and will be open in fiscal 2011.

The institute is equipped with various leading-edge testing equipment to extend technological support to SMEs, and SMEs can get support, including technical consultations, rental of testing equipment, entrusted testing, and research and development. Particularly venture companies pro-research and development can enjoy the advantageous site location. We, therefore, will appreciate applications from the companies which can utilize such a geographical advantage to the maximum.
Address: 1-9, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo