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Top Interview with municipality’s person Chiyoda Platform Square

Chiyoda Platform Square

Created on 2016-2-18
Updated on 2016-2-18
General Affairs Department of Community Promotion, Division of Community Promotion, Chiyoda CityChiyoda City, or Chiyoda-ku, where originally printing business and the publishing business were prosperous as its local industry. Now servicing companies occupy the most, but the City performs a multidirectional measure to support many of small-scale companies and businesses with less than ten employees. We interview Masahiro Otobe, the commercial and industrial chief of the Civic Life Department, Civic Life Division, Chiyoda City, Takeshi Jibiki, the commercial and industrial financing chief of the same department, and Tomomasa Yamauchi, Manager of Planning & General Affairs Group of Chiyoda City Management Foundation(Chiyoda-Day’s) .

Corporates and sole proprietors of which representatives reside in the City to be treated favorably

Chiyoda City provides financing for its resident corporates and sole proprietors. Companies just after their foundation have weak creditworthiness to financial institutions. Chiyoda City, therefore, introduces financial institutions with showing conditions. It also subsidizes interest.

These are such systems also in other cities, however, Chiyoda City has its original systems, where corporates and sole proprietors of which representatives reside in Chiyoda City are to be treated better in terms of interest subsidy. Few other cities offer this kind of system.

In addition, regarding the guarantee charges paid to guaranty associations, some fund menus cannot extend subsidies, however, Chiyoda City offers its subsidies where a representative resides in the City. It may be a big difference from other 22 cities.

Chiyoda Platform Square available on a free address system

There is a facility called Chiyoda Platform Square, a 2-minute walk distance from Takebashi Station. Its building was originally used as a center for medium and small-sized businesses in the Showa era, which was renovated as an incubation facility for entrepreneurs in 2004, and Chiyoda City Management Foundation(Chiyoda-Day’s) worked as an organizer. On the second and third floors there are office spaces that entrepreneurs can use under a free address system, and various sizes of lockable working spaces. Some 300 companies are registered now. Residents are widely ranging, from NPOs to personal consultants. The purpose of this facility is that such residents would activate the area by moving to vacant buildings in the neighborhood, stepping up from this facility. Furthermore, the fourth and the fifth floors are for paid meeting rooms which are open not only to residents but medium and small-sized businesses in the City. In addition on the second floor, the facility offers a common-use office space for local governments as Municipal Satellite Office Tokyo.

Cheering up unique companies in the City with Chiyoda Business Award

Chiyoda City Management Foundation(Chiyoda-Day’s) carries out Chiyoda Business Award to reward superior medium and small-sized businesses. Fiscal 2012 was the fifth year for the Award. Companies that made an entry are to be posted in the public relations magazine, Machimirai News, published by Chiyoda City Management Foundation(Chiyoda-Day’s) , and its homepage, Chiyoda Day's. The fifth commendation ceremony was held in Chiyoda Platform Square on February 20, 2013. There are a lot of unique companies in Chiyoda City. We hope that award-winning companies can improve their motivation, and the award they won can lead to their business activities. Award-winning companies utilize their honor in their PR activities through adding the information of award-winning on their business cards, and using the leaflets which our Foundation publishes. Furthermore, it becomes a place of ideal business matching because not only the companies that made entries but award-winners in the past participate in the commendation ceremony.
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