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Top Interview with municipality’s person “Tama Techno Plaza”

“Tama Techno Plaza”

Created on 2015-5-12
Updated on 2016-3-29
Person responsible
Mikiya Kondo
Director of Tama Techno Plaza
   “Tama Techno Plaza” opened in “Industry Support Square TAMA” in Nishi Tachikawa in February 2010 as the base of support for small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Tama area where many Monozukuri businesses are located. Since its birth, the plaza has been utilized by many companies in Monozukuri industries. (Interviewed: November 6, 2014)

Technical support for small- and medium-sized companies in the “Tama area” where industries are concentrated

Photo: Overview of the Tama Techno Plaza
   There are many large companies as well as small- and medium-sized businesses located in the Tama area in western Tokyo. The number of such companies in manufacturing industries goes as many as 5,500. Manufacturing of electric equipment, information communication equipment, electronic parts, devices, precision equipment, transportation devices, and so on has thrived.
   In such background, “Tama Techno Plaza” has been utilized as the base for small- and medium-sized companies targeting to further strengthen technological capabilities.
   Technical assistance consists of two fields of electronic & mechanical and textile & chemical, and a wide range of devices and equipment are available.

Fundamental equipment to be used for testing requests, etc. is available.

Photo: 3D printer popular among users
   There are approximately 300 devices and equipment as major testing equipment in the main building of Tama Techno Plaza. Available equipment includes 3D printers and vibration testing machines for the mechanical field, fluorescent X-ray analysis equipment for the chemical field, micro-focus X-ray CT for the electronic field, and large thermostat chambers for environmental testing field.
   For industrial products and materials related to mechanical designing and measuring areas, use of CAD, CAE, and 3D printers is encouraged for property evaluation such as strength and hardness, measurement of dimensions and shapes, and durability assessment against vibrations.
   For electric circuit designing and electrical measurement, various types of support are provided from definition of specifications to evaluation of prototype models.

EMC Site/electromagnetic wave measurement

Phone: 10-meter anechoic chamber
   “EMC Site” is an facility to measure radio wave noises or verify malfunctions due to unnecessary radio wave emission or radio interferences of electronic equipments utilizing anechoic chambers and shield rooms shielding electromagnetic waves. Service to confirm compliance to standards that is necessary to put electronic equipments in the market is provided.
   This is a facility that has one of the most complete equipment in public testing institutions in Japan with 10-meter semi-anechoic chamber and 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber, radio wave noise testing room, and two shield rooms. A 10-meter semi-anechoic chamber is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC17025 (Scope: information equipment) is utilized by many companies.

Textile Site

Photo: Textile Site
   The Tama area, which produced textiles in Hachioji, Ome, and Musashimurayama, has history of developing with the textile industry.
   “Textile Site” was established in such background of the Tama area. It consists of zones for throwing, fabrics, knitting, non-woven fabrics, dyeing, and finishing, and has continuous Monozukuri functions of textile goods from planning to manufacturing as well as production equipment. A wide range of evaluation equipment mainly for textile products, such as a material evaluation room and a textile property laboratory, is available.
   In addition, workshops to develop high-level engineers for textile manufacturers and human resource development projects for personnel related to distribution and retailer services are provided.

For technical solutions by interactions among industries, academia, and public administrations

Photo: Tama Techno Plaza Cross-industrial
Association kick-off meeting
   Technical consultation is provided not only for testing, measurement, and analysis of products, but also to assist solving problems.
   Abundant information of nearby research institutes and higher education institutions is available, and industry-academia-public administration coordinators provide support for collaborations by, for example, matching with an external organization.

Place for interactions

Photo: Tama Techno Fair
   Tama Techno Plaza hosts “Technical Exchange Meetings” in which companies and researchers can strengthen interactions and “Tama Techno Fair” and “Kids Science Technology Class” which are open to public for interactions with citizens.
   The Tama Techno Fair promotes daily activities of testing and research businesses by demonstrations and practical experiences of shop floors, free mini-seminars, and fun Monozukuri experiences, and provides many people with opportunities to experience scientific technologies at the same time.
   “We would like to have this Plaza used for Testing Service or Equipment Sharing Service, collaborated research, variety of consultation, and industry-academia-public administration coordinators, and cross-industry interaction group activities.
   We hope to energize Tokyo with technologies from Tama.” (Mr. Kondo)
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Tama Techno Plaza
Address: 3-6-1 Azuma-cho, Akishima City, Tokyo
Phone: +81-42-500-2300