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Top Interview with municipality’s person For a new place of creation to expand Monozukuri fields: Project of organizing new Monozukuri creation infrastructure in Sumida City

For a new place of creation to expand Monozukuri fields: Project of organizing new Monozukuri creation infrastructure in Sumida City

Created on 2015-5-14
Updated on 2016-3-29
Photo: Sumida City Hall and the Sky Tree
   Sumida City has developed as a Town of Monozukuri with many manufacturing businesses located in the city. The next goal is to become a place for new interactions and creation through Monozukuri. Establishment of unique bases has begun all over the ward.

New bases in Sumida City, a Town of Monozukuri

   Sumida City has engaged in various unique Monozukuri support measures such as certification of the local brand “Sumida Modern” and “Monozukuri Collaboration,” and started creating a new base to expand Monozukuri fields in 2013.
   The ward provides subsidies to companies that utilize vacant spaces such as old factory sites as a base for creating new Monozukuri and supports their organization. Two bases, “Garage Sumida” and “MEW,” were created as the first realization of such efforts.

New Monozukuri creation base #1

Photo: Garage Sumida
   “Garage Sumida” is founded by Hamano Products Co., Ltd. that is in metal processing industry. Fundamental technologies that the company has developed, plant tours and workshops, and efforts such as industry-academia collaborations and interactions across different industries are compiled to this space with the state-of-the-art digital machine tools. A new industrial cycle to support the future Sumida City is created here at the same time bringing in new human resources and businesses from out of the ward.

Photo: Leather Lab, MEW
   “MEW” is a leather lab established by Maruyokatano at a renovated automobile body painting and coating factory. There is all the equipment required to produce leather products including sewing machines. Various events and workshops are held there in a theme of Monozukuri of leather products, which is a representative industry of Sumida City. The lab is also actively involved with interactions of creators and development of craftsmen.

New base for creating Monozukuri opened in March 2015

Photo: Sumida-Kamezawa Co-Lab: re-printing
   Two bases opened their doors in spring 2015: “Sumida-Kamezawa Co-Lab: re-printing” and “REL Community.”
   “Sumida-Kamezawa Co-Lab: re-printing” (see the right photo) is a shared office directly connected with a printing factory established by Sanko Co., Ltd. to support local creators by sharing printing machines of the company and know-how of the printing craftsmen.

Photo: REL community
   “REL community” is a community space related to “REL” which is Saito Kobo’s internally developed electric wheelchairs with multiple functions.
   This space is to serve as a place to openly discuss barriers that people with disabilities face and support their independence with ideas that are developed from such discussions.
   (Voices of Companies: Saito Kobo Ltd.)

“Sumida Business Advisory and Assistance Center,” a base for supporting manufacturing in Sumida City

Sumida Business Advisory
and Assistance Center
Naoshi Iyadomi (Left)
Ryuichi Suganuma (Right)
   “Sumida Business Advisory and Assistance Center” plays a role as the “overall service center for small- and medium-sized businesses” to which business owners and employees of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the ward can easily visit.
Photo: Wire-electrical discharge machine
   Various machine tools, precision measuring devices, and CAD/CAM are always available. Machine tools and measuring devices can be used at a low fare as publicly available equipment. Such equipment is used for a wide variety of purposes such as processing and measurements that are difficult to do with a company’s own equipment, production of prototypes, trials of expensive devices before purchase, and skill acquirement and workshops for employees.
   Advice from consultants with experience and expertise such as licensed engineers, technicians, Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants, and those experienced with business management is provided at no fee for a wide range of issues that companies face.
   “Industry Promotion School” offers workshops from technical fields of designing, processing, and measuring to more practical subjects such as sales, computers, and business manners. In addition, seminars with themes that are likely to pull high interests from management and operating personnel such as utilization of IT, intellectual property, and product development are provided.

Local collaborations and industry-academia collaborations

Environmentally-friendly compact
electric vehicle “HOKUSAI-III”
   Sumida Business Advisory and Assistance Center also promotes “industry-academia-government collaboration projects” that connect industrial technologies of companies with research activities at higher education institutions and educational activities in the ward and utilize them for reforms of company operations and vitalization of local communities.
   The electric automobile shown in the right photo is an environmentally friendly next-generation mobile body, which has been developed in collaboration with Waseda University and Sumida City initiated by “Sumida New Product Development Project Committee.” Sumida Business Advisory and Assistance Center also serves as a base of such collaborations. Creation of new products in the future enabled by knowledge and technologies of industries, academics and public administrations coming together is anticipated.
Economic Development Section of Sumida City Office 
Address: 1-23-20 Azumabashi, Sumida City, Tokyo 130-8640
Phone: +81-3-5608-6188

Sumida Business Advisory and Assistance Center
Address: 1-19-1 Bunka, Sumida City, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3617-4351