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Top Interview with municipality’s person Enhancement of manufacturing integration, and shift to industries with higher added value.

Enhancement of manufacturing integration, and shift to industries with higher added value.

Created on 2015-5-1
Updated on 2016-3-29
Person responsible
Industrial Promotion Section,
Industrial Economic Department, Ota City
Akira Yoshizaki (left)
Kyoko Nishikawa (right)
   Ota city is famous as a manufacturing city. With its strength as an excellent operations environment, the city broadly supports businesses in the area.

Manufacturing city Ota, and its excellent location environment

Photo: Haneda Airport
   Ota city is at the south end of the Special Wards of Tokyo, facing Tokyo Bay, with inter-regional highways, such as National Route and loop lines, and railroad networks, such as JR, Keikyu, and Tokyu Corporation. Furthermore, the Haneda Airport international terminal is accessible within eight minutes from the center of the city, which enables a one day trip within Japan, or to other Asian countries. The location environment of Ota city has such a strategic importance in terms of traffic and is significantly superior.
   Among the Tokyo metropolitan area municipalities, Ota city is No. 1 in terms of both number of manufacturing businesses (1,503) and number of employees (22,505)*. The city is known as a representative industrial agglomeration of Japan, and a high-level manufacturing town with a wide range of technologies.
* Source: Statistics of Tokyo metropolitan area, industries in Tokyo 2013 (quick estimation) (with four or more employees), by Statistics Division of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of General Affairs

Manufacturing city Ota where various technologies are aggregated

   About 80% of manufacturers in the Ota city are categorized in the machine and metal processing area, with many companies specializing in “base technologies” such as cutting, pressing, molding, abrasion processing, casting, and plating. One of the characteristics of such companies is the utilization of internal networks on a regular basis. Manufacturers in Ota city, which can meet any requirement from any company, can be said to be a specialist group with advanced technologies and skills.
   In addition to the base technologies, some companies in recent years are attempting to expand their businesses into R&D and new areas, and more development sections have been established in companies in the area. These cases are expected to be new business fields.

Fulfilling support for establishment and location environment improvement

Higashikojiya 6 chome Factory Apartment
“OTA Techno CORE”
   In order to stimulate establishment of companies in the city, the Ota city and Tokyo metropolitan area jointly established a “Basic plan for the Promotion of Business Location in Ota City’”. This enabled companies to utilize preferential treatment including low-interest loans. For establishing a factory, a subsidy system is available for factory construction, relocation, and equipment investment.
   Ota city is also equipped with factory apartments, startup support centers, and industry-academy cooperation centers. Higashikojiya 6 chome Factory Apartment “OTA Techno CORE” was opened in 2012, as an agglomeration of manufacturing industries for creating high added value.
   The building is occupied mainly by companies in high-precision processing, its related areas, and machinery and metal R&D.

Towards industry-academia cooperation and medical-engineering cooperation: new expansion of technologies in Ota

Photo: Example of
artificial heart related products
   As a part of the effort to enhance competitive power, Ota city expanded the R&D matching project. The city supports increasing business between SMEs specialized in R&D and universities/research institutes/R&D divisions in companies.
   Companies in Ota city with highly skilled basic technologies address the needs of medical institutions for preventive medicine, medical treatment, and nursing care, with new ideas that take advantage of their abilities of proposing, designing, and prototyping. Dedicated coordinators support smooth collaborations. Such new cases that have been born include a wire saw for medical use, and 3D digital solutions.

Responding to businesses in the city with the best manufacturing environment

“Ota at the leading edge in Manufacturing.
Guide to business location”
   Ota city has a thorough support system for businesses in the city, and support organizations such as Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization, Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Jonan Branch, and Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute Jonan Branch, are built in the Ota Industrial Plaza .
   According to the person responsible, “Ota city welcomes enterprise expansion through the excellent location environment and detailed back-up support system. Please take a look at Ota city as a frontier for manufacturing.”
Ota City
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