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Top Interview with municipality’s person For a city where urban areas and industries coexist. A reinforcement plan of the regional industrial infrastructure in Mitaka city.

For a city where urban areas and industries coexist. A reinforcement plan of the regional industrial infrastructure in Mitaka city.

Created on 2015-4-21
Updated on 2016-3-29
Person responsible
Living Environment Department,
Livelihood and Economy Section
Masato Watanabe (right)
Taichi Kato (left)
   Residential areas and industrial areas are adjacent to each other in Mitaka city. Under such a situation, the city supports creation of an environment for manufacturing businesses to operate securely.

Mitaka city as a popular residential area

   Mitaka city is located about 18km west of the city center, at about the center of the Tokyo metropolitan area. The city has been developed as a bedroom community of Tokyo. As the name “park city of green and water” implies, the city is highly popular as a residential area which has the convenience of an urban area coupled with rich green nature.
   There are many businesses related to the animation industry and content industry in Mitaka city, and the “Ghibli Museum Mitaka” is famous among them.
   Meanwhile, manufacturing companies are also located in the city, and companies with unique technologies are doing particularly well.
   In terms of the number of businesses, manufacturers of general machinery and appliances, metal products, and electric machinery and appliances dominate, and in terms of number of employees, manufacturers of information and communications machinery and appliances significantly dominate.

Creation of an environment for manufacturers to securely operate

Photo: Factory surrounded by residential area
   In the prewar period, a number of military-related factories existed in Mitaka city. These factories moved outside of the city after the war, and residential areas rapidly spread to the previous factory sites. This caused serious problems with coexisting houses and factories. In order to address this situation, the “reinforcement plan of the regional industrial infrastructure in Mitaka city” was implemented with approval from the Tokyo metropolitan area manufacturing industry integration enforcement support project.
   The core of the plan is an improved environment for businesses to securely operate. For example, support is provided for relocation of existing manufacturers in the city to an industrial district, light-industrial district, or special housing and industry coexistence district within the city, in order to facilitate factory relocation and integration.
   Furthermore, the city provides a certain amount of subsidies to businesses that invest in facilities including sound-proofing, dust control, deodorization, and vibration proofing, with consideration for the surrounding environment.

For enhancing industrial support

Mitaka Sangyo (Industrial) Plaza
   Mitaka Sangyo (Industrial) Plaza was born in 2000 as a base for industrial development, which integrates and raises businesses that take advantage of regional properties in Mitaka city. The plaza consists of office spaces for urban-style industries including IT, and support facilities for communicating and providing information.
   In 2014, precision-measurement equipment was renewed in a machine room on the first basement level..
The room is equipped with a 3D coordinate measuring machine, a surface roughness and contour shape measuring machine, etc., which can measure industrial products with high accuracy. Technical instructors provide instructions for first time users.
   “Mitaka city aims to be a city where industries and resident lives coexist. With the understanding of the local residents, we support businesses to securely continue their operation.” (person responsible)
Mitaka city
Living Environment Department, Livelihood and Economy Section
Address: 1-1-1 Nozaki, Mitaka-city, Tokyo 181-8555, Japan
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