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Top Interview with municipality’s person For creation of added-values with a theme of “Branding”: “Reinforcement plan of industry infrastructure in Itabashi Ward”

For creation of added-values with a theme of “Branding”: “Reinforcement plan of industry infrastructure in Itabashi Ward”

Created on 2015-5-12
Updated on 2016-3-29
Persons responsible
Itabashi Ward, Industry & Economy Division
Tatsuaki Morohashi, Manager,
Industry Strategy Section (Right)
Satomi Shimizu,
Industry Promotion Section (Left)
   Itabashi Ward has a rare district exclusive for industrial use in Tokyo’s 23 wards and is one of the leading cities in the shipment value of manufactured products. The ward supports a variety of technologies including optics, which have higher values added.

Itabashi Ward, a valuable industrial area of Tokyo 23 wards

Photo: Well-developed transportation network
   Itabashi Ward has a great access to the center and subcenters of Tokyo with the Toei Subway Mita Line, the Tobu Railway Tojo Line and JR Saikyo Line. More than half of the ward is residential area, there are full of greens, and lively shopping districts are developed.
   On the other hand, Itabashi Ward has a district exclusive to industrial use, which is rare in the 23 wards. It is ranked at the 6th among all the Tokyo municipalities for the number of manufacturing businesses and the 2nd for the number of workers in manufacturing businesses. Shipment value of manufactured products is also one of the best.
   Itabashi Ward is implementing the “reinforcement plan for industry infrastructure in Itabashi Ward” (2013 – 2015) approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in order to secure operation by these manufacturing businesses while keeping harmony with the surrounding residential environment and bring in businesses from outside the ward.

Industrial district expanding around the Shingashigawa

Photo: Industry area around
the Shingashigawa
   The region in the northern part of Itabashi Ward from Shingashi and Funado to Azusawa and Maenocho is a prominent area in Tokyo where excellent manufacturing businesses in optical, precision equipment, and printing industries are located.
   Itabashi Ward Factory Buildings are the center of the region. They consist of No.1 and No.2 Factory Buildings, and factory space is available for individuals and corporations that are engaged in manufacturing. The space can be used for other purposes such as seminars.
   “The Industry Technology Support Center” that supports Monozukuri (manufacturing) businesses to improve their technical strength, product quality, and environmental performance is also located in the No.1 Factory Building.
   State-of-art measuring and testing devices for precision measurement, durability testing, and composition analysis are available for use, and instructions on operating such equipment are provided by technical advisors with abundant experiences and knowledge. Product development by Monozukuri companies are supported by attentive technical consultation.

Enriched support system

Photo: Itabashi Industrial Exhibition
   120 companies present at and approximately 2500 people attend the “Itabashi Industrial Exhibition hosted by Itabashi Industrial Promotion Public Corporation.” In addition, “Itabashi Product Technology Prize” publicly recognizes excellent new products and technologies and widely appeals developmental and technical strengths of businesses in the ward. Manufacturing industry in the ward is strongly supported by such market development measures by the ward.

Shed new light to the optics field

Photo: The 1st “Itabashi Opto Forum”
   Itabashi Ward has history of hosting optical equipment manufacturing factories before the World War II. They mainly produced war supplies, and engineers from these factories established factories producing products such as binoculars after the War.
   Itabashi Ward occupied 70% of exports related to optical equipment from Japan in the 1950s, and there are still many companies that manufacture products utilizing optical technologies.
   There is a tendency to shift to fields with higher value added, and new products such as medical equipment and measuring devices to which high-level optical technologies are applied are produced.
   The ward hosted an international conference on optical designing and manufacturing in collaboration with the Optics Design Group of the Optical Society of Japan in February 2014, and over 300 researches and engineers from 17 countries and regions from all over the world gathered in Itabashi. In October of the same year the first “Itabashi Opto Forum” was held in the ward.
   “2015 is the 'International Year of Light' declared by the United Nations. Itabashi Ward plans to hold various events and further promote the optical industry in the ward during the year optics are shed lighted on.” (The person responsible)

Establishment of the industry-culture city Itabashi brand

Photo: Itabashi Ward Monozukuri
Location Guide
   “The theme we hold up is 'branding,' and we have defined the concept as 'a place to raise entrepreneurship.' Various measures will be provided to establish the industry-culture city Itabashi brand, including optics,” says the person in charge.
   Creation of technologies with new values added is anticipated with the excellent location in the 23 wards and careful support of the ward.
Itabashi Ward, Industry & Economy Division, Industry Promotion Section
Address: Itabashi Ward Information Processing Center, 5th Floor,
2-65-6 Itabashi, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo
Phone: +81-03 (3579) 2193