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Top Interview with municipality’s person Wide-ranging support menus for small and medium sized enterprises, “Reinforcement plan of manufacturing industry infrastructure in Edogawa ward”.

Wide-ranging support menus for small and medium sized enterprises, “Reinforcement plan of manufacturing industry infrastructure in Edogawa ward”.

Created on 2015-4-21
Updated on 2016-3-29
Person responsible
Edogawa ward Life Development Department,
Industrial Development Section
Tsutomu Tajima
   Metal and machine manufacturing have been developed in the Edogawa ward since olden times. The ward supports currently-operating small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a wide-ranging menu including development of new markets and products.

Wide-ranging support for manufacturing businesses

Photo: Edogawa ward
viewed offshore from Kasai
   The Edogawa ward is located at the east end of the Tokyo metropolitan area. The ward is a waterfront city with two major rivers, the Arakawa River and Edogawa River, running in a north-south direction, and the southern side of the ward faces Tokyo Bay. The ward has excellent access to the city center via five railroad lines, the Keiyo Road, and the Shuto Expressway that run in an east-west direction. The total park area is the largest in the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo. The “water parks”, which were created from former channels, are famous nationwide. The ratio of youth population is the highest in the 23 Special Wards, and it has an established reputation of a “cozy town that is suitable for raising kids”, especially by younger generations.
    In the Edogawa ward, metal and mechanical industries have been active since the early Showa period (1926-1989), and such local industries have been sources of local energy. Even now, a number of manufacturers exist in the Hirai, Komatsugawa, Chuo, and Matsue areas, including about 3,000 manufacturing related businesses. A majority of these are SMEs with less than 30 employees. A high percentage of employees are Edogawa ward residents, and this characterizes the ward as a “town where homes and places of work are in close proximity”.
   In the“reinforcement plan of manufacturing industry infrastructure in Edogawa ward” (2014-2016), which began after gaining approval from the Tokyo metropolitan area, the SMEs are provided with wide-ranging support, such as new market development, new product development, and management base reinforcement.

For new market expansion

Photo: Tokimeki Industry Fair in
   One of the market expansion measures is an annual event in the fall, the “Tokimeki Industry Fair in EDOGAWA”. Companies and groups in the ward (mainly manufacturers) gather to exhibit and demonstrate, in order to promote excellent products and technical capabilities to people within and outside of the ward, while fostering the exchange of business information. For the 16th fair in 2014, more than 130 companies and groups participated.
   “Edogawa industrial navigation” is a database with plenty of information on companies within the ward. It provides addresses, business descriptions, and publicity, and is used for business matching.
   The market expansion support project partly supports costs for company website improvement, product catalogue creation, and exhibit fees for exhibitions.

For management base reinforcement

Photo: Techno Town Komatsugawa
   As residential areas spread in the Edogawa ward, there are increasing numbers of cases demanding sound proofing, vibration proofing, and deodorization for factories. The ward provides a partial subsidy for improvement of an operating environment. Part of the costs associated with training for skill succession, and for qualification acquisition are also subsidized.
   According to the person responsible for the ward, “our ward is keen to continuously respond to the opinions and desires of businesses as their familiar partner, since we often have opportunities to directly communicate with businesses”.
   The wide-ranging support menu and footwork of the Edogawa ward delicately responds to the desires of SMEs.
Edogawa ward Life Development Department, Industrial Development Section
Address: 1-4-1 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-8501, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5662-0525